Questions on Immigration That Have Yet to be Addressed By Candidates

By Center for Immigration  Studies, Special for  USDR

As in previous presidential elections, several recent debates have featured questions posed by non-journalists via YouTube. They weren’t very  good.

Debates in New Hampshire are scheduled for tonight (the Democrats) and Saturday (the Republicans). To help journalists and ordinary voters try to extract the actual immigration views of the candidates, the Center for Immigration Studies has posted a series of video questions addressing critical aspects of the immigration issue that don’t receive the attention they  warrant.

This first batch of questions ranges from a former Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation asking about the impact of mass legal immigration on American workers, to a retired Border Patrol agent asking about people fraudulently passing through legal entry points (as opposed to jumping the fence). Other questions for the candidates are posed by the mother of a man killed by an illegal alien, a former Foreign Service Officer, a law professor, and  others.

Watch the video questions for the presidential candidates  here:

As the presidential debates continue, both in the primaries and the general election, the page will be updated with more video questions from citizens. To have your own brief (30 seconds) video question for the candidates be considered for inclusion, send it

SOURCE Center for Immigration  Studies

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