Radical Liberalism

By  Tom Taormina, CMC, CMQ/OE, Special for  USDR.

It is time to dispense with political correctness and call the political jihad promulgated by our President what it truly is, radical liberalism. Actually, what Obama is enacting on his own is  totalitarianism.

He is systematically dismantling our representative republic by assuming executive privilege that is beyond any specific or implied constitutional authority. Nearly every day, there is another news bulletin of some edict he has decreed that enhances our global impotence, increases the dole, encroaches on free market economics or further promulgates gridlock in  Congress.

He is a genius at disguising iconoclasm within his political rhetoric. He is the Pied Piper of the unconscious citizens who are being led the brink of economic and social disaster. He is spending money we do not have on social programs we do not need, while dismantling our ability to defend our shores against foreign  aggression.

We are over 18 trillion dollars in debt. A debt that is impossible to repay, leaving the only option of eventual default and global economic chaos. There are Wall Street geniuses who have driven the stock market to new heights. Unfortunately, the apparent economic boom is not based on value but on money in  motion.

We are on the brink of a confluence of the President successfully redistributing wealth at the same time the stock market is creating unsustainable levels of economic greed. Both are based on winners and losers. Those scenarios are the prelude to a revolutionary  war.

In just two months, the Republican majority in the US Capitol have created an impenetrable wall in both houses of congress that has us in gridlock from enacting any meaningful legislation. Monarchy cannot be far  away.

Radical Islam is attacking us from without. Radical Liberalism is attacking us from within. We are on the brink. The question may be, “Who is John  Galt?”

Tom Taormina is a Senior Business Advisor in the fields of business process and quality system management and in organizational excellence. Tom has authored 12 books in these fields. He has helped companies from startups to Fortune 100’s, like Dell Computer, achieve their most challenging goals.  Learn more about him and his firm, Apollo Business Solutions here

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