Religious Freedom Win in Texas

By Liberty Institute, Special for  USDR

 Today, Collin County District Court Judge Jill Willis ruled that members of a small Orthodox Jewish community have a right to continue meeting in a Plano home for private worship. After the Jewish families were sued by the then president of the Homeowner’s Association (“HOA”) and the HOA, Liberty Institute successfully defended the Jewish community’s right to freely exercise their religious  beliefs.

“Today, we are thankful that the District Court upheld these members’ religious liberty rights,” said Justin Butterfield, Liberty Institute Senior Counsel. “We are grateful that these Jewish families will no longer be under attack for exercising their right to worship God as prescribed by the tenets of their  faith.”

Rabbi Rich, the leader of Congregation Toras Chaim, said, “We are thankful that this distressing season has ended with a favorable ruling, protecting our right to worship. I am incredibly grateful that Liberty Institute successfully defended our case, and that the law has upheld our right to live out our faith within our homes. I pray that today marks the beginning of a new era of tolerance and peace in our  community.”

The Jewish community, known as Congregation Toras Chaim, met in private homes for several years before an area resident, Mr.David Schneider, objected to their meetings. Last year, Mr. Schneider filed a lawsuit against the Jewish families, in an attempt to shut down the families’ right to worship. Later, Mr. Schneider was elected president of the Homeowners Association (HOA) and dragged the HOA into his lawsuit. The judge’s favorable ruling toward the Orthodox Jewish families means that they can continue to meet in aPlano home and worship together in  peace.

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