Revolutionary Litter Box Shatters Kickstarter Records


Canada’s Luuup Litter Box has become a viral sensation thanks to its remarkably successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Luuup set a crowdfunding record raising over $1.13 million (CAD), making it by far the most funded pet product  ever.

More than 13,500 backers (also a Kickstarter record for a pet product) have helped Luuup Litter Box exceed its goal by over  2000%.

Luuup’s three sifting tray system struck a chord with cat lovers, eliminating the dreaded task of scooping, with their ingenious solution. Each of Luuup’s three slotted trays act as a sift, but when two trays are stacked together, the slots overlap to form a solid tray. By adding a third tray, a perpetual litter-sifting system is  created.

The Luuup Litter Box success has history repeating itself – returning to the market 20 years after it was a hit as an “As Seen On TV” product that sold two-million  units.

Television broadcast legend Dini Petty, an original investor in the first Luuup product, joined forces with her son Nick, to relaunch an ultra-modern 2.0 version for a new generation of cat lovers who have the same issues as every other cat owner on the planet, the unenviable but necessary chore of cleaning the litter  box.

“Every cat owner hates dealing with the litter box,” said Dini Petty, Luuup’s co-founder. “With Luuup, your litter box becomes simple and scoop  free.”

The re-designed version of the Luuup Litter Box looks as great as it works, with an aesthetically pleasing look to fit in a modern home, condo or  apartment.

“We’re all about the balance of clean modern design and sensibility, combined with the smart but simple use of tech.” said Luuup co-founder Nick Petty. “We’ve taken a necessary, but traditionally boring product, and made it much easier to use, incorporating design principles that fit in with the modern  home.”

For more information and to order The Luuup Litter Box, visit: ever-made

About The Luuup Litter  Box
What’s old is new again. In the 1990s, Luuup sold more than two million units. Like many “As Seen on TV” products, it disappeared. Long-time TV personality Dini Petty, now working with her son Nick, have teamed up to bring back the best cat litter box ever made. They have created a new and better litter box. The Luuup Litter Box is affordable, functional and high-quality. It will be the last litter box you will ever  buy.

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