Rockefeller Descendant New Book on GOP Future

By Dave Spencer, Special for  USDR.

Practically Republican, the community of concerned citizens rallying to get government to work again, announced a new book by founder Dave Spencer, a fifth generation Rockefeller and member of the Executive Committee of the California Republican  Party.

Practically Republican: How Concerned Citizens Can Renew & Reclaim the GOP,” recalls a “party of the people” that was sensible, reasonable, fiscally conservative and socially progressive, willing to collaborate and compromise with Democrats to solve critical issues. The party has strayed too far from these commonsense principles, Spencer says, and he calls for like-minded GOP supporters to engage with one another and participate in a national conversation about the present and future of the party guided by a simple motto; Let’s  Talk.

In Practically Republican, Spencer makes a case for a path forward based on open-minded, non-partisan dialogue. “I founded Practically Republican because our political system was designed where even when we don’t agree, we still commit to getting things done,” Spencer writes in the book’s introduction. “Politics isn’t a business of purity; it’s the art of the possible. It’s about reaching across the aisle to make progress by best serving the American  people.”

The book serves as an invitation, for those who are frustrated and feeling discouraged by the current inflexible political environment, to unite and become a force that Washington can’t ignore. The Practically Republican community represents Americans that demand more from their GOP representatives than the rhetoric and posturing that characterizes politics as  usual.

Spencer’s organization and book stand as continuations of the Rockefeller family’s legacy of philanthropy and political involvement ––a long history of government service that includes Senators, Governors and Vice  President.

About Dave  Spencer
The grandson of John D. Rockefeller III, Dave Spencer continues his family’s legacy of philanthropy and public service with the founding of Practically Republican, a community of like-minded citizens working together to make the GOP the problem-solving party it has historically been. Spencer is the author of Practically Republican: How Concerned Citizens Can Renew & Reclaim The GOP, serves on the Executive Committee of the California Republican Party and is an Executive Board Member of the No Labels Foundation. A survivor of a life-altering car accident as a teen, Spencer is also the founder of BayKids, a nonprofit organization that serves children through self-empowerment  programs.
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