End Of Pistol Sales In California?


California’s requirement that all semi-auto handguns (pistols) submitted to be included on the state’s roster of guns approved for sale be equipped with microstamping technology will result in no autoloading handguns being sold there within two years.  This revelation came when Mike Fifer, Ruger CEO,  talked with Tom Gresham on his nationally-syndicated radio show, “Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk” on January 26.

“My prediction is within a year or two, they’re all gone,” said Fifer. “Everything’s off the list.”

Fifer explained that Ruger continues to submit pistols for approval, but because the required “microstamping” technology actually does not exist, all recently-submitted Ruger pistols — and all other semi-auto pistols — have been rejected by the state in a scheme by the California Department of Justice to ban the sale of these popular firearms.

“California DOJ has figured out this is a great way to get guns out of California,” continued Fifer, confirming what many have thought — that the requirement for microstamping is really a backdoor gun ban.

“This is a serious issue,” said show host Tom Gresham. “Microstamping appears to be impossible to put into use, so the effect is that gun companies cannot put their pistols on the roster of guns approved for sale in the state.”

“Ruger is unable to get any new guns approved by California,” said Gresham, “and even worse, if a gun which is on the list is altered or improved in any way, it must be re-submitted for approval, and at that point it must have microstamping technology included that satisfies the CA DOJ regulations, which has proved to be impossible.”

Fifer said this is much larger than a restriction on companies selling legal firearms in California.

“It has the net effect of denying people their Second Amendment rights,” he explained.

Fifer has entered a declaration in the Peña case challenging the California handgun roster.  It can be seen here:http://bit.ly/1egVvZH

The entire interview with Ruger CEO Mike Fifer can be heard here. http://bit.ly/1iMlNqe

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