SEO Links for the Life of your Business


Interconnecting sites provide the currency of the Internet. They are truly the lifeblood that gives you the ability to reach new customers and spread the word about your product or service. The more links that you have out there in the Internet, the bigger your “bank account” will be and the more success and traffic you will have. However, focusing on the some old link structure is not as effective as unique and new methods for building your Internet presence. Getting the help of seo company in Chicago city is a great way to get the power of linking working for your  website.

1.Network in unexpected  situations.

If you walk into the wrong party, or are surrounded by businessmen while waiting at the airport, take this opportunity to build your presence and your  links.

2.Invite or hire guest  bloggers.

When you have a diverse set of links on your page, from authoritative sources, can increase your search engine ranking. This is achieved through guest blog  posts.

3.Clean up your back  links.

If you have poor quality content on your site, then you may need to take a look at the back links, as well. Cleaning up your wiki links and other content will help you achieve SEO  success.

4.Create a website for a specific  link.

If you are trying to get a specific link, for a specific business or product, consider creating a website to attract this link.


Talk to the owners of the link and negotiate your way into a  deal.

6.Highlight great companies in a positive  light.

Create a blog or article about sites or businesses you admire or would like to link. Many times they will be so honored they will give you the link you  want.

7.Use current events.

If there is something trending or relevant to the links you wish to obtain, create interesting content or video about the subject. This will attract new businesses and potential  links.

8.Create a theme  campaign.

If you are looking to obtain links for a certain niche, create content or photos that are relevant to the links that you wish to  gain.

9.Use an image reverse search.

If another company has used your images, simply email them asking for credit for the  photo.

10.Think  locally.

Create an image, app or other item that will appeal to local visitors, who will then link to the  information.

Link building is not an exact science. In fact, you must be willing to “think outside of the box” to achieve the success you really want. Taking the time to get a bit of professional is the best way to have success with this type of  marketing.

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