Smart Home Product K-Kit a Successful Launch


As of April 2, 2016, K Kit has successfully completed its crowdfunding on Indiegogo as one of the first CPP (China Pilot Program) members. According to official data from Indiegogo, K Kit closed in on its campaign goal in only one week after its launch and was favored by domestic and foreign professionals. At the end of the campaign, $108,947 was raised from Indiegogo  backers.

The campaign backstage data shows that K Kit has already attracted the eyes of many home enthusiasts since its official launch day on Indiegogo. The hit of K Kit is not only due to the accurate market positioning but also the premarketing on social media. The information about Konke Information Technology Co., Ltd. has already been widely shared on Facebook before its official landing on Indiegogo. The young and energetic K Kit team successfully aroused people’s interest through daily interactions and various events. Konke also created a beta testing for domestic and foreign users asking for feedback to further develop the product. The security function of K Kit received positive feedback from the beta testers as the request for security and privacy protection is raising along with the accelerating economic  growth.

K Kit was available on Indiegogo for $199, to provide an economic-friendly smart home experience for the customers. K Kit is a hub oriented product equipped with most home automation functions on the existing  market.

On the occasion of K Kit’s release in North America, it attracted the attention from a group of Chinese start-ups. The fast growing technology industry is now in the US, opening the future market for a lot of new technology enterprises from China. Konke has started testing the water in North America and tackled practical problems such as localization and cultural differences. Currently, Konke is taking positive steps on developing collaborations with partners all over the world, meanwhile building a professional team to provide high quality localization support and customer  service.

For a new type smart home system like K Kit, the good performance on Indiegogo is only a start. The K Kit team is now fully devoted into the upcoming mass production and dispatch stage. The mass production is going on smoothly as scheduled and more beta testing opportunities will be opened for  media.

SOURCE Hangzhou Konke Information and Technology Co.,  Ltd.

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