Social Media Won’t Keep You Connected

By Pier2 Marketing, Special for  USDR

Pier2 Marketing today announced the release of their new research report The Social Effect: Our Search to Stay Connected. In this study, 17% of Americans reported not using any social media sites or apps at all, mostly due to security and privacy concerns, lack of time to “keep up” with them, and/or the inability to find content they feel  relevant.

While most non-users are Baby Boomer men, the percentage of younger generations (Millennials and Gen Xers) leaving social media is higher than expected (48%). On the other hand, women lead among current social media users, and have a majority between Instagram and Facebook fans, with almost 7 out of 10 Instagram fans being  women.

This study identified five subgroups among current social media users: The avid, the frequent, the butterflies, the breakups and the unknowns. The top 5 social networks among avid users, those who use these sites or apps at least once a day, are: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. Some of the characteristics that make these social networks their favorites are the simplicity and ease of use, content relevance, higher user base, frequency of use, and the ability to easily stay in touch with family and  friends.

Overall, social media users are more observers than participants, they prefer to watch or “take” content from these sites or apps, rather than to post or share. Yet, 45% of users spend 1 to 3 hours per day on these sites or apps, while only 4% don’t use them on daily  basis.

Social media users look at the value they get from these sites or apps versus the time they invest on them. The number of hours users spend on them has a direct correlation with their engagement, increasing or reducing abandonment  rates.

Pier2 Marketing’s study also covers the profile of each social network user and non-user groups, how they use these sites or apps, what they like and dislike about them, among other interesting takeaways. You can read the abstract or buy the report at

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