Sponsored Post Payment Instructions

⦁ All payments for sponsored/paid posts are completed through PayPal and will only be paid if a PayPal invoice (NOT a Money Request) is received. Please do not send invoices through email.

Log in to your PayPal account. If you do not have one, it is easy and free to set one up at PayPal.com
⦁ At the top, under Tools, select Invoicing
⦁ On the upper right, select +Create
⦁ Enter your information
⦁ In the Bill to: section please enter ⦁ jock@digitalexits.com
⦁ Under Description, Enter the url of the page that our link will be/is published on.
Quantity is 1, Price is the amount you are charging
⦁ The invoice will complete for you. You can now select Send
⦁ Invoices are paid each morning, early EST.

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