Stepwise Guide to get a Canada Student Visa for International students in 2021

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Several students want to take admission to Canadian universities for higher or professional studies. Nearly 642,480 international students visited Canada in 2019. In 2020 67,000 students visited Canada between Jan – April. Canada is also ranked 6th in the Global Peace Index 2019. That’s why every year thousands of students apply for a Canada Student Visa to study there.

The acceptance rate of Canada Student Visa is 61% as per the Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in 2019. To apply to this visa one must have a good understanding about the application process of Canadian Student Visa. Mentioned below is a step-wise guide on the same.

Canada Student Visa – Eligibility Criteria

Every international student who wants to study in Canadian universities must fulfill the eligibility requirements to apply for the Canada Student Visa. Students will have to apply first and after getting an acceptance letter from the university students can apply for a study permit. Following are the criteria before you apply for Canadian Student Visa.

  1. You must have valid financial proof to pay your tuition fees.
  2. You should have a valid police verification certificate as proof that no criminal cases are filed against you.
  3. A valid medical fitness certificate issued by a gazetted medical officer of your country is needed.
  4. Students must have a valid passport.
  5. You should have a valid identity proof of citizenship of your home country.

Steps to get Canada Student Visa in 2021

To get Canada student visa, following steps are to be followed by the students or applicants :

Get an Acceptance Letter from Canadian University

Students should decide first, where they want to take admission. After choosing their dream university, they need to apply for admission to that university and get an acceptance letter from them.

The students can apply for a Canada study permit by attaching the acceptance letter. After submitting the acceptance letter and other required documents the process of the Canada student visa application starts.

Canada Student Visa – Application Procedure

After getting an acceptance letter from the University, the students can apply for a student visa in Canada. The procedure of a student visa starts after the submission of an application for the same.

Steps while applying to Canada student visa

  1. Students can apply online for the study permit on Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).
  2. Upload all the required documents in the proper size and format with the online application.
  3. If you find any issues uploading the documents like an internet connection or any technical errors, then you can send documents by speed post.
  4. One must have an attested acceptance letter from the university authority.
  5. One must provide a character certificate while applying for a Canada student visa.
  6. Students must provide proof that acknolwedges no criminal cases against them.
  7. They also must have a medical certificate ready showing that they are physically and mentally fit.

Canada Student Visa – Documents at the time of applying

  1. Original acceptance letter from a Canadian university.
  2. A valid passport document to return to your home country (It is not required for USA residents).
  3. Passport size recent colored photographs with name and date mentioned on it.
  4. Proof of your fees supporting documents.
  5. Payment receipt of an application for a visa.
  6. Language proficiency documents like – IELTS academic, C1 advanced, PTE Academic, TOEFL.

Biometrics and Interview for Canadian Student Visa

After applying for a Canadian student visa, students need to visit the visa application center of their country for biometric. The fees charged for biometric are nearly 85 CAD. The biometric is not required for all, some of the countries are exempted from this process. Sometimes students can be called for personal interviews to get a Canada study permit. The visa application centers also charge some fees for the interview.

Processing time to get Canada student visa

Generally, the processing time of getting a Canada student visa is about 3 months. But some of the students get their visa before 3 months depending upon their country of origin. Students can use the Student Direct Stream to get their visa faster. The fees of this facility are 150 CAD and the visa will be issued after 15 to 20 days. But the Student Direct Stream facility is available for the students from countries like – India, China, Morocco, Vietnam, The Philippines, Pakistan, Senegal.

Exceptions when a Canadian Student Visa 2021 is exempted

A student visa is mandatory to study in Canadian universities. The Canada student visa is not mandatory incase of the following situations :

  1. If you are a family member of a representative to Canada from the foreign ministry of any country.
  2. Any student who enrolls in the study program of a Canadian university for less than six months does not need a visa.
  3. If you are a citizen of another country but you have an Indian status registered in a Canada country.
  4. Even a member of a foreign military who is on official duty in Canada does not require a study permit in Canada.

Also note, a Canada student visa does not allow you to travel in Canada, for traveling purposes you need to have a travel visa or Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). The student visa is only issued for studying in Canada for a fixed duration as per the course duration.

When can you extend the Canadian Student Visa?

The students can renew or extend the duration of his visa in the following situations :

  • If a student wants to continue his studies.
  • If the study program is extended
  • If the student changes the University or institution.

The student visa expires after the 3 months of the completion of the study program. Then the student wants to do a job in Canada and he wants to do business so he can apply for a work permit. After issuing a work permit the student can stay in Canada. You can get a Canadian study permit in 15 days if your family member applied for a work permit in Canada.

So, that’s all about how to apply for a Canada student visa to fulfill your educational goals. In case you are planning to study in Canada, this piece of information will definitely help you. Stay tuned to our blogs further.




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