Struggling With Squeaky Floorboards? Here’s How To Fix It

Having squeaky floorboards is an annoyance we all  might have dealt with at one time or another, and it’s often something we feel that we just have to put up with – but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, fixing squeaky floorboards doesn’t have to be a big deal – there are many easy ways to do it out there if you’re willing to be a little inventive with your resources. We’ve made this handy list for you to get some ideas for how best you can fix your squeaky floorboards and create the peaceful home you’ve always wanted.

Squeaky floorboards can be caused by a number of things, including old boards, poorly fitted joists and tightly packed boards. Although some squeaks may result in you needing to replace a floorboard, there are many simple ways you can resolve this annoying issue yourself.

1. Lock lubricant

If you don’t have access to your crawl space, then adding a dry lock lubricant can be a great way to reduce or eliminate squeaky floorboard noise. This trick reduces the friction between adjacent boards, therefore stopping them from squeaking when you walk on them.

2. Insert a wedge

If you discover that the gap between your floorboard’s joist and the squeaky board is quite small, you can simply place a wooden wedge between the underside of the floorboard and the joist, creating a hard surface for the floorboard to rest on rather than a pocket of air.

3. Construction adhesive

If there’s a gap between your floorboard and joists that’s longer than a couple of inches, you can fill the gap with any garden variety construction adhesive, which will resolve the issue for you as it will provide a solid surface underneath the board rather than a space, which creates squeak.

4. Nail a board longways

If the problem is just one support underneath your timber floor, a surprising trick is  just to place a long piece of thick wood against the joist in question and nailing it in place. This reduces the give in the noisy piece of wood, stopping it from moving around and creating any irritating noises.

5. Install blocks between noisy supports

If the problem seems to be occurring over two separate floorboard joists and you can get underneath into the crawl space, then place a solid piece of wood between the two problem joints and nail it in place. This should prevent the two joists from moving, which means they will no longer squeak.

So, there you have it – if you’ve been struggling with a squeaky floorboard or two in your home, then one of these tips above should be the answer to your household prayers. A squeaky floorboard is often a matter of a gap between a board and a joist, or of floorboards being packed too close together and creating that squawking noise due to the friction between them – but luckily, these are easy to fix. All you will need is a few basic DIY supplies – and the patience to pinpoint the source of the noise in the first place!

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