Texans Take Note: Fire Policies

Editor’s Note: With news of the rampant fires roaring throughout Texas becoming more worrying by the minute, acting to protect further damage is essential. All Americans should know the rules, plans, and what to do in situations like this. The Texas Wildfires website is a daily-evolving source with information about burn bans, control policies and all things to know about Texas fires. 

Texas Wildfires

Fires can be devastating to a home, property, rangeland, community, or state. About 370,000 homes are the scenes of fires each year, and about 80 percent of deaths from fire occur in homes, according to the National Fire Protection Association. An overwhelming number of the victims are children and the elderly. Knowing fire myths from facts can protect you or someone you love from the pain of a home fire.

Texas Wildfires & Rangeland Fires:

  1. Texas Forest Service Fire Activity (on a Google Map)
  2. Active Texas Fires Map
    * Note: Click box next to Fires under map controls.
  3. Texas Wildfires Maps – Fire Danger and Advisories
    Texas Forest Service
  4. Wildfire in Texas
    Texas AgriLife Extension Service
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