The 10 Richest States in America: 2017 Edition


There is no doubt that the United States is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. To put this concept into perspective, we look at the ten richest states, according to 2017  figures.

10. Washington  State

Boasting a median household income of $64,129 dollars, the state of Washington has made this list. When this is combined with an unemployment rate of 5.7 per cent, it is clear to see the benefits of living  here.

9. California

The average yearly salary within California is $64,500; slightly higher than Washington. However, a population of more than 39 million residents has led to an incredibly high GDP of $2.4 trillion  dollars.

8. Virginia

Virginia is associated with a median income of $66,262 dollars. This is the twelfth highest in the country. This is largely due to the fact that 17 per cent of the population holds some type of university degree  (2).

7. New  Hampshire

The average household income within New Hampshire is $70,303 dollars; much higher than the states previous listed. It is also interesting to point out that a poverty rate of only 8.2 per cent is the lowest in the entire  country.

  1. Massachusetts

    Residents of this state will earn an average of $70,628 dollars each year. The number of university degrees within Massachusetts is the highest in the country (41.5 per cent). Also, ten per cent of the population earns more than $200,000 each  year.

    5. Connecticut

    With an approximate income of $71,347 dollars, those residing in Connecticut will enjoy a high standard of living. As the median cost of a home is just over $270,000 dollars, it only makes sense that residents here will be expected to earn a bit  more.

    4. Alaska

    Due to the amount of jobs within the energy sector, the average salary of an Alaskan is $73,355 dollars each year. It is interesting to note that a population of approximately 738,000 residents is actually the third lowest in the entire  country.

    3. Hawaii

    Hawaii residents can enjoy an income of $73,486dollars per year. With a median home value of $566,900 dollars, such wages can indeed come in handy. A poverty rate of 10.7 per cent is the seventh lowest in the  country.

  1. New  Jersey

New Jersey is associated with a median household income of $72,093, however some towns within the state have a reported average income of $84,720. This is the very same reason why it was included within the top ten states during a 2016 survey. Additionally, almost 11 per cent of the population earns more than $200,000 dollars each year. 37.6 per cent of all adults possess at least a bachelor’s degree. This is much higher than the national average of 30.6 per  cent.

  1. Maryland


Many will be surprised that New York did not clinch the top spot but with an average income of $75,847 dollars, Maryland now enjoys the first position. A poverty rate of 9.7 per cent is the second lowest in the country and approximately 38 per cent of the population possesses some form of a university degree. Another reason for these high figures is that ten per cent of residents work within the public sector. These are some of the highest paying jobs in the  country.

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