The 6 Main Benefits of Becoming a Family Nurse

Are you looking for a fulfilling, rewarding career that constantly challenges you to become a better professional and a better person in general? Then you cannot go wrong by following the career path of a family nurse. You will find six of the leading benefits of this sought-after vocation below.

You have the chance to work with people from all backgrounds

Family nurse practitioners serve the communities in which they work, making sure that everyone who lives there is healthy and happy. This means that they constantly meet and work with individuals from all walks of life, including the young and old. If you consider yourself to be a ‘people’ person, then you will likely find this to be a huge pro of the job.

You will make a difference every single day

Family nurse practitioners prioritize the health and wellbeing of others. They specialize in primary care when it comes to chronic and acute conditions, they treat injuries, and they help to diagnose a host of problems, from diseases, like diabetes and high blood pressure, to allergies and mental health problems. This means that your main role will be to help people feel better and function optimally within their daily lives. What better way to make a difference?

You can consider specializing

If you become a family nurse practitioner and you find a specific avenue that you would like to explore, you will have the option to further your studies with a post-graduate program. For example, if you obtained your Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate at Marian University, you could then go on to specialize in healthcare policy, pharmacotherapeutics, and more. In doing so, you will likely advance faster in your profession, as well as earn a higher salary.

You will likely have more autonomy

A nurse practitioner’s autonomy currently varies greatly by state. There are 22 states that offer NPs complete autonomy, which basically means that they can legally practice without any supervision from a physician. The states allowing complete NP autonomy include Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Washington, to name a few.

You will enjoy ample employment opportunities

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the family nurse practitioner industry will grow by 28% between the years of 2008 and 2028, which is around five times the average growth rate of other industries within the USA. In other words, FNPs can look forward to a variety of rewarding job prospects and career advancements.

You will have plenty of flexibility

Family nurse practitioners can work in many different settings and uniquely tailor the role that they would like to play in the healthcare sector. For example, you could choose to work at a community health center and specialize in pain management, or you could work at a larger hospital with a focus on treating patients suffering from chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or arthritis. It is entirely up to you in terms of where you want your career to take you.

As you can see, there are several reasons to consider becoming a family nurse. If you decide that it is the right path to follow, best of luck as you begin your studies!


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