The Best Modern Ways to Advance Your Career

The career plan that you created when you first left high school is likely to be filled with pathways that have long since become outdated, from a time when you went straight from school into an apprenticeship or to college. Although the more traditional career pathways do still exist, if you want to use the modern world to your advantage and ensure that you do not get left out of the best opportunities that are available to you, here is a compilation of some of the most modern ways that you can advance your career in 2020.


In decades past, it may have seemed like an impossible venture if you wanted to connect in person with potential employers or seek advice from professionals in the sector that you were looking to get into. However, the modern working world now understands the importance of networking for your career, and there is now a constant stream of networking groups, events, and conferences that you can attend.

These will allow you to meet potential employers before you apply, learn about the most recently available job opportunities, and even find a mentor who can teach you everything you need to know about breaking into your sector. If you are looking for an even more modern way to network — and you love to hide behind your screen — there are also many networking opportunities online, such as forums and virtual events that can allow you to connect with professionals across the globe from the comfort of your own home.

Taking a Graduate Degree

Where once you had to head off to a college campus or university to make progress in your career, now there are many alternatives when it comes to getting the qualifications that you need. Rather than simply ending your education with a bachelor’s degree, graduate degrees are now starting to gain popularity due to the increased competition on the job market, allowing students to specialize in certain subjects and expand their knowledge to apply for the top job roles.

For instance, at Marymount University, their BSN to FNP program can help you to take on more responsibility as a nurse after the completion of the initial degree while staying ahead of the challenges of the modern job market.

Furthermore, many graduate programs are based online. Online degrees have recently started to become more recognized and accepted by the top employers in the country and studying towards one will now give you the same advantages as if you were to opt for a traditional college scheme. Online degrees are at the height of modern education by allowing you to study, take examinations, communicate with lecturers and harness a variety of resources online through a blend of independent research, online forums where you can connect with your course mates, and uploaded lectures.

Opting for an Internship or Grad Scheme

In many ways, experience has only just started to be hailed as more important — or equal to — the education that you receive, and this is reflected in the number of modern schemes that have been tailored to allow young graduates to prepare for the working world and to gain the real-world experience that they need.

Although apprenticeships have been around since time began, internships and graduate schemes in their modern sense were only popularized in the 80s and 90s as a way to boost the recruitment possibilities of graduates, with many colleges linking these to their own courses. Now, thousands of applicants apply for one out of a few graduate schemes. Although they are extremely competitive, they are one of the best ways to advance your career if you are looking to work for a certain company or if you need to keep up with the most modern skills in the workplace.

Starting a Business

According to a recent study, 70% of grads want to start their own business and this is a relatively recent trend, with most business owners having no college degree. Although you do not need a college degree to start your own business, many graduates are now looking at this as a viable option since it will allow them to work on their own terms in regards to working hours and salary, and to have control of their career. This can be a great option if you are struggling to find a position straight out of college, although other alternative career pathways, such as freelancing and remote working, are also on the increase as more people look for ways to work for themselves.

Creating Your Online Profile

Creating an online profile is a must in today’s job market. Rather than simply using social media to share your vacation photos with friends, creating a professional social media page on LinkedIn or another business-focused website can allow you to access professional networks and connect with potential employers. Not only do employers use these websites to search for job candidates, but you can also use this platform to promote your skills and your portfolio. You may also consider creating a personal website for yourself which contains examples of your work and experience, as well as contact details which can make it easier for potential employers to contact you.

Harnessing Online Resources

Whereas in previous years you had to head to the library or sign up for a course to find out more about potential sectors, now there are many online resources that can help you keep up with your industry. For instance, to expand your knowledge and opportunities, you should regularly read professional and industry magazines and online newspapers, as well as journals and scholarly articles which can help you stay on track with the latest developments.

Utilizing Job Boards

Now, it is easier than ever to advance your career online and if you are looking for a new and better job role, you should utilize the most modern way to do this by signing up to a popular job board, such as Reed or Indeed. Rather than relying on a recruitment agency, utilizing online job boards can help you take your career into your own hands, allow you to apply for jobs with one click of a button, and track your applications in one place.

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