The Biggest “Suicide” of 2019 May Have Been a Murder — Here’s Why

All of this is the opinion of the forensic expert, not this news site. 

The Independent in the UK reports today:

“A famed pathologist says he believes Jeffrey Epstein’s death was actually a homicide, in spite of the official ruling that it was death by suicide.

“Epstein was found dead in August in New York City, after being arrested for sex trafficking. Since his death, the deceased financier’s ties to prominent figures in American media and politics — including presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump — have fueled rampant conspiracies that he was silenced.

 “Dr Michael Baden, the former chief medical examiner for New York City, has added fuel to that fire with a recent interview with Fox News in which he said he thinks the evidence presented suggests Epstein did not take his own life.”
Many — if not most — speculated his death was encouraged by others, if not instigated. For many, this is not surprise. This is how it is being reported by various media.

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