The First Fox Debates

A Media Wrap Up.


The first GOP debate, this sponsored by Fox News in Cleveland was more of a laughable side show than a serious debate. The format didn’t allow anyone to provide substantive answers and many of the questions were simply  inappropriate.

The “Junior Varsity”  Debate

Many pundits are saying the best performances came from the “not ready for prime time players” that didn’t make the top ten cut.  The one they were most impressed with was former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina. CNN says that the executive “shined” in the debate and Breitbart says she “wins” the early debate.  It is hard to imagine her on the top of the ticket, but it is getting even harder to imagine her not on the ticket as a balance of a likely white male  nominee.

Here is that debate in its  entirety: 

The “Prime Time”  Debate

The evening debate, featuring the top ten GOP candidates, was a free for all with a heavy focus on Donald Trump.  Many pundits believed that it was Trump’s debate to lose.  His clumsy, even politically inappropriate statements seemed to do no harm.  If spoken by any other candidate, many of his statements would have been the beginning of a requiem. For Trump, it will probably improve his  position.

It is hard to say who won the evening debate, but it appears Trump didn’t lose.  I think if a politician wanted to prove himself as different than the rest of the pack, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) may have succeeded. He made it clear that the hubris of the USA’s international ambitions is strapping it financially and harming its prestige around the world.  Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) may have disappointed the most because the legendary debater said little that was  memorable.

Here is the GOP evening debate in its  entirety:

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