The Incredible Shrinking Occupy Movement

By US Daily Review Staff.

A recent ORC International survey of American adults has found that awareness of the Occupy Wall Street movement is unchanged since the intense media coverage of the movement’s events through fall and winter of 2011 but that support for the movement has declined.

Back when the Occupy movement was growing. Chicago.

ORC International updated a series of questions about Occupy Wall Street asked in late 2011 and found that 71% of Americans remain aware of the movement, even while media coverage has significantly declined and protesters have largely dispersed from the parks and fronts steps of the world’s financial capitals.   The continued awareness is in part to the ongoing social dialogue that continues by both supporters and protesters of the movement. According to ORC’s social analytics product, Social Buzz, Occupy Wall Street conversations continue to steadily appear with an average of 156,000 posts daily in the social universe since mid-December. This is mostly driven by specifically timed events including the six month anniversary to re-occupy Zuccotti Park in New York City on March 17-18, mass arrests on March 22, and a May Day Protest.

Overall agreement with the movement’s position regarding the financial inequities continues to hold steady at 30% since the fall, however, those who disagree has risen seven percentage points to 28% over the past six months.

While levels of coverage in both social media and traditional media have varied, the combination has continued to keep this movement in front of the American public. Long-term sustainability of the movement, however, remains a question.

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