The Math Doesn’t Work

By Bill Tatro, Special for USDR

(Immigrants, College, Healthcare)

President Obama’s cornerstone healthcare program, The Affordable Care Act, always created one question in my mind. How does it work when you add millions of new patients to a system and don’t increase the number of doctors and nurses proportionately??? Obviously full parking lots and long lines in the waiting room. It would seem you are simply putting a square peg into a round hole. Putting it a different way-THE MATH DOESN’T WORK.

The 44th, and now Janet Yellen, has stressed the college degree as one of the major solutions to our economic woes. Get the degree, get the job and life is sweet. Unfortunately when ABC University graduates 25 new Anthropology majors there are not 25 new Anthropology jobs created in the universe. The fact is that since the ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy) the attrition rate has shrunk and the old geezers who were supposed to retire won’t or can’t and don’t ride off into the sunset-THE MATH DOESN’T WORK.

Now we’re asked to believe the addition of 5 million illegal, oops Undocumented, immigrants to an overstressed job market will have no negative impact???

Much is made of the contributions made by immigrants on the birth and growth of the United States of America. After all, didn’t the First Lady say the Founding Fathers really weren’t Americans!??? Many of the Fortune 500 companies were started by those who came with nothing in their pockets. There is no denying the historical contribution of immigrants. That was then this is now.

According to certain folk the unleashing of 5 million new Undocumented into the workforce is exactly the shot in the arm that we need.

Some will argue many are already in the system and the President has just brought them out of the shadows. Unfortunately or fortunately, the fear of deportation has kept many from taking the kind of job that does require legal paperwork.

Now that that little item has been dispensed with, those people can really do the kind of job that will secure their future.

That job already has the retiree in it, a college kid who needs it and now the Undocumented who wants it.

The employer is salivating since his one job is in high demand meaning a wage that is nowhere near what it used to be.

The law of supply and demand has not been repealed and the addition, annually, of millions of new college graduates and now millions of new Undocumented’s prove in the job market:


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