The Pros and Cons of Hiding Instagram Like Count

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There are over two billion people that use Instagram. If you’re a business looking to gain a following, you’re missing out if you don’t have a page. 

When you’re setting up an account, there’s a question that you’ll need to ask yourself. Should you hide your Instagram-like count?

On the one hand, when you’re not pressured by likes, you won’t second guess yourself. You’ll post more often without fearing that your content won’t catch on. 

On the other hand, not having likes to track will limit you in terms of metrics. 

These are only a few things that you’ll need to keep in mind when making your choice. Keep reading to learn more. 


If you’re trying to take better care of your mental health, hiding your Instagram-like count is a great way to do it. You won’t have to deal with quite as much pressure. 

No longer will you have to second guess everything that you post. Hiding likes will also change how your followers interact with each other. 

You Won’t Second Guess Yourself 

When you’re focused on how to get more likes on Instagram, you’re going to question everything that you post.

It’s discouraging to see content that you worked hard on only get a handful of likes. You’ll begin to second guess yourself. When that happens, you’ll post less and less often. 

It’s not easy to gain a following when you only publish content once every few weeks or so. Of course, you can combat your confidence problem and get more likes with a little bit of help. See here to learn more. 

It Allows for More Authentic Content 

When you first create your Instagram account, you’ll throw a bunch of posts at the wall to see what sticks. During this time, you’ll create the sort of content that you want to make. 

As you get more caught up in likes, however, your posts will become more artificial. Soon, you’ll find that you’re no longer creating content that you enjoy. 

It Improves Interaction 

Liking a post is probably the most low-effort thing someone can do. It takes two seconds.

Likes show that people are interacting with your content, but they’re not doing so in any meaningful way. 

By learning how to hide likes on Instagram, you encourage your followers to comment and discuss. 


With all the benefits of hiding your likes, you might be wondering if there’s any reason not to, but there is. 

Influencers depend on likes. You also won’t have as many metrics to work with, and more content isn’t always good. 

It’s Bad for Influencers 

Influencers depend on likes and comments. It helps them gauge their effectiveness, which in turn, allows them to make their living. 

Hiding likes also hurt businesses that rely on influencer marketing. 

Fewer Metrics to Pull From 

Likes might be the laziest form of engagement, but it’s still engagement. When you take it out of the equation, that’s one less factor that you can pull from to determine how your page is doing. All you have to go on is comments and follower counts. 

Since commenting on a post takes much more time than liking, you’ll have to work harder to interest your followers and get them talking. 

More Content Isn’t Always a Good Thing

If people don’t have to worry about getting likes, they’ll be more likely to post unfiltered content. They don’t have any reason to limit themselves.

This isn’t always a good thing. Your follower’s dashboards will get flooded with wave after wave of content. That means your posts will get lost in the crowd. 

How Do You Hide Like Counts? 

If you’ve decided that the pros of hiding your like counts outweigh the cons, you’ll be happy to know that doing it is a simple matter of playing around with your settings. 

With only a handful of clicks, you’ll be able to hide likes on your posts and ones from other users. 

Hiding Them on Other Posts 

You want to be able to scroll through your Insta and engage with content without likes influencing your opinion. 

To do this, go to your account. From there, click on the three lines at the top of your page and navigate to your settings. 

Type the word posts in the search field and when the option pops up, click on it. You should see a Hide Like and View Counts section. All you have to do here is move the little bar to the right, and you’re done.  

Hiding Them on Your Own Posts 

If you want to hide like counts on your own content, you’ll have to play around with the advanced settings. You should see this option on the last page before you finalize your post. 

Once again, there will be a Hide Likes and View Counts section that you can turn on by swiping the bar to the right. 

Hiding After You Post

Let’s pretend for a moment that you accidentally created a post without hiding your likes. Is it too late to do it now? 

The answer is no. 

Click on the three dots at the top of the problem post. That will open a pop-up menu that you can use to hide your likes. 

Should You Hide Your Instagram-Like Count? 

As you can see, there are a ton of reasons why you should hide your Instagram-like count. You may want to encourage your followers to have a discussion on your posts. 

Hiding your likes will also give you the confidence you need to post more often. Remember that without likes, you’ll have fewer metrics to work with, though. 

If you’re looking for more tips that will help you thrive on Instagram, visit the Tech section of our blog. 

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