The Quest for Great Content

By Kevin Price, Publisher and Editor in Chief of US Daily Review.

Every year there are new magazines, websites, and even newspapers, all of them on the quest for providing quality content.  The US Daily Review is the result of months of discussions, brainstorming, and contemplation.  The goal is to provide something that is meaningful and substantive to the reader — that is a demanding challenge.

In developing our website, we spent time with technology expert Rick Braddy of  Rick is a consultant to US Daily Review and is in the process of laying the foundation for our next phase.  People compliment our current site for its clean, easy to navigate, look.  The next step will allow us to go much further in providing you great content.  Rick said “that the best sites are driven by the readers of the site.  They find out what the audience wants and they do what they can to provide such.”  With that, we want to learn from our readers what they are looking for in a great website.

We know one priority of readers is to find unique features.  With that, we are working hard to find articles and content that are not being found in other sites.  Our “Across the Pond” feature, by Senior Editor Steve Parkhurst gives insights of what was in the news in Europe’s papers, which are seven hours ahead of us.  We are also developing stories about public policy that are “outside the beltway” of Washington, DC. Like most people, we are sick of the Washington insiders who talk about the problems of public policy in a detatched and almost medicinal way.  We want content from those who are adversely affected by the public policies and name the people who lost their jobs because of legislation and regulations gone bad.

The reader should also enjoy the fact that this site is not a “one-trick pony.” Sure, it covers politics, but it will also cover business, technology, lifestyles, and even humor.  We hope it has something for everyone.

We are also committed to great writing over strong ideology.  The reader should not be surprised to find content from many philosophical perspectives.  We hope, however, that you are surprised to ever find writing that does not meet your expectations.  Quality is certainly one of our priorities.

In the works is a new column that will discuss how the Founding Fathers would deal with public policy issues today by looking at their writings on key subjects.  This is refreshing in light of the constitutional crisis we are under today.

In the end, the best ideas for content will come from you, the reader. If you have suggestions for topics or interested in writing yourself, or if you have  a news story that you think will matter to our readers, email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

All opinions expressed on USDR are those of the author and not necessarily those of US Daily Review.

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