The State of Mid-market Companies

Price of Business Interviews from Thought Leaders

By the Price of Business, Media Partner of  USDR.

The Price of Business show, on Business Talk 1110 AM KTEK in Houston, Texas, has been doing a series of interviews on the state of mid market companies.  Kevin Price, host of the program, has stated that “enterprise companies have a certain mystique to them, while small businesses are perceived as romantic, thus both of these extremes receive a great deal of coverage.  Not nearly as much is available on mid market companies.”  That is why we are providing these important  interviews, here are a few that we have had on the  show:

Thomas Stewart, Executive Director of the Mid-market Center of the Fisher College of Business, Ohio State  University

Sam Jacobs of Axial on the Health of Mid-market  Companies

Laura Rusick of Optimizing Solutions Discusses “How Mid-market and Enterprise Size Companies  Differ”

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