The Steady Rise of US Online Casino Sites in the Last 3 Years

In the last 3 years, there has been exponential growth in the online gambling industry in the US. Due to Covid-19, casinos, clubs, and other entertainment facilities had to close. Therefore, people were forced to stay at home. Because of this, some online gambling sites in the US became a new normal way of gambling.

Each state has its own rules and laws regarding the legalization of web-based casinos therefore it is very confusing. For the beginning, as far as sports betting and gambling, there are three sets of laws and rules:

  1. Federal betting laws
  2. State betting laws
  3. County guidelines

Federal laws are laws that are applied in all 50 states and all US territories and districts. While state laws are those where each state has the ability to allow its residence to engage in any form of online gambling.

Additionally, with a rise of markets in Africa and southeast Asia, there is an increasing number of players applying for these websites. Because funds needed for this type of entertainment are relatively low, they can be enjoyed even in developing countries. 

Finally, there isn’t a single factor that is entirely responsible for the growth of the industry. Rather, it is a mixture of multiple factors and quite a bit of good luck for the investors.

Innovations in Games and Options

With technology improving, the online gambling industry tries to improve the player’s experience every now and then and make it the best that can be. Some of the recent innovations are:

  1. Live dealers
  2. Virtual reality
  3. Cryptocurrency as a payment method

For some time, during online gambling, there was a lack of communication and presence of other people which made the gambling experience lackluster and not reaching its full potential. Now, players have the ability to with VR glasses and even have a full 3D experience.

And if you’re not a fan of virtual reality but still want that human interaction, now you have live dealers who interact through a camera, have options to live chat, and make the experience itself much more realistic and enjoyable. 

Some of the best US online casino sites that are detailed here will offer something for everyone. There are easy and quick slots or intricate live casino games, and appropriate for any budget.

Finally, there is an advantage of a casino that operates strictly online, especially if you want to stay anonymous. 

Because cryptocurrency doesn’t hold any fiat currency it has some great advantages. Cryptocurrency casinos don’t require a local license to operate and you don’t wait for the funds to transfer over bank wires.

Steady Rise for Decades

The first-ever online casino was made in 1994 and at the time, from the very beginning, it was a great hit. Soon after a company named CryptoLogic Limited was formed which secured online financial transactions. By 1997 there were over 200 online casinos. 

During that time, owning a computer was a privilege available to wealthy people, so only a certain number of people had access to this type of betting. As time went on, technology advanced, and mobile phones upgraded and have become accessible to everyone as well as the internet, hence the exponential growth in the online casino market.

There began to be serious competition in the market. And they all strived to provide the best variety of game styles and game options and to be the best that there is in the market.

The quality of the graphics, animation, and usability in the internet gambling industry improves each year and they offer more and more games and gameplay options, bonuses, and rewards. That is one of the major reasons why some of the “best casino sites in the US” are on such a rise and they only get better and more popular by the minute.

The COVID Explosion

Because of COVID-19, people were forced to stay at home, therefore, leaving the options for entertainment much smaller. Thanks to the internet we haven’t gone completely crazy during this time. 

While a lot of businesses have failed, got shut down, or completely stopped in time, it can be said with certainty that the market of web-based gambling and casino sites has skyrocketed. 

During this time, some people have only now entered the world of gambling and found a new way of entertainment, while gambling enthusiasts have very easily and comfortably switched to a virtual gambling option with which they are very happy and satisfied. 

When this pandemic is over, it is very questionable in what quantity people will return to the old traditional casinos. What they will have to offer that is better so that people have a good reason to get out of the comfort of their home and go to actual casinos. 

Will this way of betting be officially established as a new normal or will everything go back to the old way? For now, the odds are in the online casino industry’s favor.

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