The Super Bowl Challenges Conventional Wisdom on TV Ads

For years we have said that TV ads were in decline due to the rise of the Internet and there is certainly evidence of such in many industries. However, there is one area where TV advertisements are alive and well. There appears to be nothing in the advertising space with the same power as Super Bowl television ads.

Recent research by Betway offers some startling statistics as highlighted in the infograph below.

There is a saying, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” That is definitely true when it comes to television advertising during the Super Bowl. Consider the industries most likely to use such ads:

  • Automotive
  • Tech
  • Beer
  • Film
  • Food

The only relatively new player to the list is technology, which has blown up in recent years. It is interesting how all of these, but automobiles, have about the same number of ads. Meanwhile, the automobile industry has double of any other industry.

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