The Top 3 Upcoming Beach Communities Around the World

Living near a beach gives a thrilling experience. Apart from leading a calmer and peaceful life, you are sure to enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as surfing, scuba diving, and swimming. Here are the three best beach communities worth checking out:

1) Miami Beach, Florida, USA

The South Miami Beach in Florida should be your first ideal location for an exhilarating experience. Located in the Southeastern part of Florida, Miami Beach is a popular man-made coastal city. With as many as nine miles of attractive beaches, you will have a memorable experience if you choose to settle this place.

The South Miami Beach, in particular, is famed for its cleanliness and crystal-clear blue water. Besides, it also features the Sunny Isles Beach city. Founded in 1997, this city has witnessed a steady growth over the years and currently boasts a population of 20,832. From a community point of view, South Florida has up to three settlement distinctions that include cities, towns, and settlements.

Given that Sunny Isles Beach is considered a fully-fledged city, there can be no shortage of beach apartments, luxury condominiums, beach high-rises, and beach lofts. With such a wide range of options to choose from, picking the right housing that suits your needs can be challenging. Thus, it would be wise to contact an agent to give you the true picture of what Sunny Isles real estate has to offer.

2) Barcelona, Spain

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is one such an amazing destination to visit. This city has a 2.7-mile long coastline and boasts as many as seven well-maintained sandy beaches. It is worth mentioning that all the beaches in Barcelona are man-made. However, all of them are amazing and generally ranked among the finest beaches across the globe. The development of the beaches in Barcelona dates back to 1992 when the Olympic Games were held in the city. One of the best things about these beaches is that they are clean with crystal clear water and provide a wide range of facilities to make your experience a memorable one. Some of the best beaches in this region include Bogatell, Ocata Beach, Nova Icaria, Mar Bella, and Barceloneta.

3) Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Nothing complements a visit to Rio de Janeiro like its beautiful beaches. With a 25 miles long shoreline, a visit to Rio de Janeiro gives an amazing experience. Some of the best beaches in this city such as Copacabana are globally recognized. Getting a view of the Copacabana beach in the backdrop of the Sugarloaf Mountain is magnificent. It is therefore unsurprising that millions of visitors flock this city at the turn of every calendar year to commemorate the New Year Eve celebration. This period brings together a variety of entertainers such as celebrated artists, volleyball players, and hawkers. The Rio beaches are also known to influence the food chain in the city greatly. The fact that all the beaches get crowded during the summer makes it easy for you to find all top food items hassle-free. It never stops there because you can also enjoy a variety of recreational activities such as paddle boarding, skating, cycling, and surfing.

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