The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Ideal Vacuum Cleaner


Keeping your home sparkling requires regular cleaning. It goes beyond feeling that your home is actually clean. You need to be sure that you have done a great job tidying your home. For the best cleaning experience and desirable results thereafter, you need perfect cleaning  components.

Similarly, office cleaning is demanding. As such, you require the best cleaning machine to ensure your clients have a comfortable feel while at your work space. For offices and other commercial spaces, you need an advanced cleaning partner such a commercial vacuum  cleaner.

Admittedly, there exist significant differences between commercial vacuum cleaners and the normal cleaners we pull out on weekends to handle house chores. As opposed to home cleaning, you need to think beyond yourself when looking for commercial vacuum cleaners. Will it get the job done to the satisfaction of clients? There lies the big  question.

Learn your  options

Before setting out for vacuum cleaner search, you need to be aware of the various types of vacuums available in the market. With a detailed guide to commercial vacuum cleaner, you can easily make the right choice while avoiding glaring mistakes. For one, there is the upright commercial vacuum. This one standing unit vacuum features a nozzle at the base. They are slightly heavy and boast of more power compared to canister  vacuums.

Canister vacuums, also referred to as handheld vacuums, feature two distinct parts, the nozzle and the body. The two are connected by a hose. If your commercial space features multiple stairs, handheld or shoulder strap vacuums are  perfect.

The other available option is backpack vacuum. It bears close similarities to the canister vacuum. It also has two parts and is normally worn like a backpack, hence the name. As expected, this vacuum comes handy in cleaning spaces with multiple  stairs.

Key factors to  consider

Having looked at the various types of available vacuums, it is appropriate that we consider the various aspects worth considering when looking for ideal vacuum  cleaners.


As indicated earlier, you can settle on commercial vacuum with backpacks or shoulder straps depending on the layout and size of the space. While shopping for commercial vacuum cleaners, always remember that these cleaners are generally heavier compared to their home cleaner  counterparts.

The cleaning  space

If you plan to use the cleaner on a larger space, you will definitely require something more powerful with greater capacity. Bulkier vacuum cleaners guarantee more efficiency when dealing with such  spaces.

The debris  involved

The kind of work you do will have a significant influence on the choice of vacuum cleaner. Special vacuum cleaners are designed for special task. If you regularly deal with the cleaning of oil spills, you can go for a cleaner that does exactly that. Similarly, you can also settle on vacuums designed for sucking of chips or metals as it deems fit. At the end of the day, the choice of debris you handle on a regular basis should influence your choice of commercial vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, you risk spoiling such a precious  machine.

Personal  preference

Commercial vacuums come are significantly different. Probably, what you need is a dry only vacuum. Settling on anything short of that will be inappropriate. You might also want a special vacuum designed to help in picking of asbestos. The environment of usage aside, your personal preferences might also play a substantive role in the choice of vacuum cleaner. Ideally, you need to be comfortable with the vacuum cleaner used in your office  space.

Top commercial vacuum  reviews

Oreck Commercial  U2000-1

If you need a suitable vacuum cleaner for handling carpets, this cleaner is perfect. It has double helix brushes capable of rotating at 6500 PRM. You will definitely find an easy time eliminating debris from the fur of carpets directly into the vacuum  inlet.

Most people do appreciate the additional floor adjustment features, which makes it suitable for cleaning various floor surfaces. You can easily change from carpet to hard floor cleaning with a single flick.For an easier cleaning experience, the vacuum cleaner features a 12’’ cleaning  path.

The great suction and large surface area makes it an easy tool for cleaning large spaces with lots of ease. In addition, it comes with a 40’ cord that ensures easy cleaning over large surfaces without having to change sockets constantly. The vacuum cleaner only weighs 8 pounds, light enough to ensure easy steering while cleaning. Ideally, this cleaner has everything one requires for an easy cleaning  experience.

Hoover Commercial C2401 Shoulder  Vacuum

This is an optimal choice of tool for vacuuming hard floors. However, you can also take advantage of it to clean other surfaces such as rugs, carpets and general upholstery. To ensure a comfortable experience while using the equipment, the backpack harness features a special design by chiropractors. The fact that it is a backpack vacuum makes it a suitable choice for tidying narrow  stairs.

With the 48’ cord, one can easily vacuum a large area without worrying about changing the sockets. You will also appreciate the HEPA filter system which ensures even greater efficiency while cleaning. The clear dome lid makes it easier for you to realize the need for emptying the cleaner. In general, this vacuum clean suits various functions and commercial  spaces.

Rubbermaid Commercial  Executive

This is a powerful, yet very quiet vacuum cleaner. The backpack harness had been designed specially to keep motor heat away from your body. As such, the wearer will have minimal worries about overheating. The various cleaning attachments that it comes with enable it to tidy up various surfaces with minimal  inconvenience.

The sealed vacuum bags present ensure easy and hygienic disposal of debris without any room for escape. If you are out searching for a perfect vacuum for cleaning larger spaces quickly and effectively, settling on this equipment will be a great  idea.

Whether you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for the office space or home use, you need to settle on a product that guarantees efficiency. To be sure of such an equipment, it is important that you take your time before making any  purchase.

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