The US House Votes to Repeal Obamacare, Action DOA at Senate

By US Daily Review Staff.

Today the US House passed legislation to repeal ObamaCare by a bipartisan vote of 244-185.

“Americans know ObamaCare is bad for the country. This law has 12 new taxes that will hit the middle class, 21 new taxes totaling $647 billion in all and 159 new federal agencies, commissions and bureaucracies in between you and your doctor,” said Congressman Kevin Brady (R-TX), a sponsor of the act to repeal. “Under ObamaCare, costs will go up for most people because of government mandates, more businesses will be forced to drop their health care plans and place their workers in the new government exchanges, and many of our Texas seniors will be no longer be able to see their doctor or use their Medicare plan of choice,” continued Brady.

Texas is home to the largest medical association in the country, the Texas Medical Association, whose biennial survey released Monday showed the number of Texas doctors who take Medicare dropping to 58 percent. It also showed that less than a third of Texas doctors will treat new Medicaid patients – an ‘all-time low.’

“When the doctors we all count on tell us they are quote ‘forced to reduce the number of patients they see who depend on government insurance’, it’s the wrong time for Washington to institute another massive health care bureaucracy,” said Brady. “I agree with TMA President Speer that ‘without an adequate network of physicians, no health care system can work, let alone be effective.”

The White House has issued a veto threat against the bill and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has called the House vote a “gesture of futility.”

“With dozens of votes, the House has been crystal clear that ObamaCare is the wrong prescription for what ails health care in America and a clean slate is necessary to get this right,” concluded Brady. “But the true vote on ObamaCare’s future will come from the American people this November.”

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