Tips for Choosing a Dresser Mirror

Mirrors are vital to our routine of checking our hair and make-up before leaving the bathroom or bedroom. They’re also essential in the design of your living and dining rooms. Getting creative with using multiple mirrors allows you to accent your home in specific areas. The hospitality and service industries use mirrors to increase the visual appeal of hotels and restaurants. Next time you walk into a retail store, take a look at how they incorporate mirrors into the store’s design and how they’re used to make establishments look presentable. 

You can do the same in your bedroom. Number two, the bed, the dresser is the second most important piece in a bedroom. And what’s a dresser without a mirror? Simply a storage bin for clothes. But adding a mirror turns it into a complete wardrobe solution. And, whether you’re rushing to leave or can’t access the bathroom mirror because a family member is occupying the space, you always need a spare mirror. 

Depending on the dresser’s style, you can choose a framed mirror. These mirrors have various designs, from minimal and casual to elegant and ornately complicated. Use the colors in the room to either create contrast with the palette used in the space or use the tables, curtains, or rug as inspiration for the frame’s color.

Placing lightbulbs around the perimeter of the mirror really livens up the room. The extra lighting gives you a private and intimate space to create your look. If you love glammed-up styles, this idea is perfect for you as it’s reminiscent of dressers from the roaring 20s when life was all about glamour and chic. Click here for dresser mirrors to fit your style.

Even more important than the color is the mirror’s shape. Choosing the wrong mirror can leave the entire room feeling unbalanced. It doesn’t matter if you pick an elaborate mirror design or go with a cheaper option; choose the one that best fits the dresser. Let me give you an example. If the furniture already in the space has straight lines and sharp angles, go for a rectangular or square mirror. There’s nothing wrong with using curvy objects. If you really find a mirror you love, just be sure to maintain the room’s balance.

Speaking of balance, the dresser and mirror have to complement each other, and that means selecting the right size. To create a balanced but stylish look, don’t buy a mirror bigger than the dresser. To make the dresser and the mirror look coherent, you should pick a mirror of the right size. The mirror shouldn’t be taller than the dresser since it’s meant to balance it out in every possible way. 

The mirror can either be mounted on top of the dresser or to the wall. Mounting it to the wall is a great idea because you can experiment with the proportions since the dresser won’t support the mirror. Even on the wall, the mirror shouldn’t be wider than the dresser.

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