Tips for Staying Healthy During Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life in the U.S and worldwide exponentially. Shelter at place orders and social distancing protocols has everyone changing their routines and staying at home more. Not only does the virus threat everyone’s health, but staying in can have negative effects on one’s mental and physical health. This is why it is crucial to take steps to make healthy choices while in quarantine.

Meditation for Positive Vibes

One way of keeping the positive vibes in the house is to meditate. Don’t just close your eyes with silence, try to also light some candles or light some incense sticks or both. Incense sticks and candles can be bought online or at the nearest retailer store. Meditation seems to help people that are mentally unhealthy and that needs a break from reality. Doing this with ambient meditation music, follow along with meditation-videos, or complete silence are all ways of meditating and staying mentally healthy. Mediation is great for grounding yourself and letting go of what you can’t control.

Exercise for the Healthy Heart

Exercise is crucial to not only stay fit, but to boost your immune system in order to help fight the virus. So, how can people stay physically healthy on the inside? Luckily, there is plenty of content out there to follow. Videos or virtual classes are perfect ways for anyone to follow along and workout while maintaining social distancing. Taking your workout outside is a great way to get your workout in and get some needed Vitamin D. You just need to make sure you stay at least 6 ft apart from anyone you may come across while working out outside. Exercise also releases endorphins and can be helpful to your mental health as well.

Healthy Eating Habits

Eating healthy is another crucial step to maintain your physical and mental wellness during this time. Many people are overeating or going out to eat a lot more than usual because of the lockdown and the long lines at the grocery stores. The best tip for this situation is to grocery shop and search online for healthy recipes. Many might be gluten-free, diabetic, or have a restricted diet such as vegan. Maybe now is the time to eat more healthy and find your own diet that fits you and your needs. This is the best time to try out many different healthy recipes and to experiment with them so that you can see how it comes out and if it works for you. As a society, people are so used to being busy with work but now we can take a break from that and focus on our health.

Arts and Crafts

Another way of staying healthy is by keeping the brain healthy. By exercising the artistic side of the brain and learning new skills, that keep your brain healthy as well. Maybe now is the time for the family to get together while staying indoors and do a family arts and crafts project! For individuals of any age, it’s never too late to learn how to crochet or even do origami. This is a fun healthy activity for everyone to enjoy!

Educational Activities

Another way of keeping the brain active is by utilizing the educational apps and programs that we have today. There are mobile educational apps to download to keep children occupied with brushing up on subjects in school they struggle with. Also, this helps adults stay busy. One suggestion for adults would be sudoku perhaps. Exercising both sides of the brain keeps us mentally healthy and active.


By doing all of these things listed, the people indoors are not only staying away from the sick or the virus, but also keeping their whole body healthy from the outside to the inside including physical, mental, and spiritual. Meditating, eating and exercising the right way, and keeping your brain active are ways to stay healthy during the quarantine. Keeping will help combat depression and keeps everyone active and on their feet.

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