Top 10 Money Mistakes to Avoid in 2016

By Brightpeak financial, Special for  USDR

At this time of year, it’s not hard to find a list of steps you should take to be healthier, happier or skinnier. But if improving the financial outlook for yourself and your family is one of your goals for 2016, don’t miss brightpeak financial’s advice about 10 steps not to take this  year.

A not-for-profit that empowers Christians to live with financial strength and generosity, brightpeak financial offers sound budget-boosting advice that can help you realize your goals of economic health. The faith-based firm wants to make you aware how the actions you don’t take can have a substantial impact on your financial future, so it has posted a list of the “Top 10 Financial Mistakes to Avoid in 2016” on its  website.

“A new year gives us the opportunity to refocus our values and priorities,” said Lisa Steffes, CEO of brightpeak financial. “Our Top 10 list helps Christians become aware of key areas where they can take action and become stronger  financially.”

The brightpeak list describes how avoiding common pitfalls can help individuals and families build a more sustainable, successful financial future. With its unique understanding of faith-built decision-making, brightpeak offers Christians added insights into the emotional and spiritual nature of money, helping them live with more generosity, while still meeting other financial  obligations.

The Top 10 list from brightpeak focuses on several key areas,  asking:

  • Are you filing to take maximum advantage of company benefits? Are you aware of what those benefits can provide?
  • Are you budgeting realistically for future expenses, both major planned purchases like furniture and new vehicles, and ancillary, minor costs like car tuneups, title renewals and tires?
  • Are you avoiding the temptation to drift into increased credit-card debt, hoping to pay it off with future raises that may or may not materialize?
  • Are you effectively utilizing the gifts God gave you and making sure your budget agrees with your generosity?

“The Top 10 list includes common mistakes many of us make,” said Steffes. “They might seem like minor mistakes, but their cumulative impact can weigh down personal and family budgets. We hope the list helps families realize how changing a few behaviors can help them experience the joy and potential of living with financial  strength.”

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