Top Business Degree Choices to Consider

Getting a business degree or a degree in a closely related subject will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to get into the career that you want. Whether you are looking for employment as a business professional or want to start your own company in the future, a good understanding of the strategies, theories, and principles of business is essential. There’s a huge range of business and business-related degree courses to choose from whether you’re looking to kick-start your career with a bachelor’s degree or switch careers by getting a master’s. Choosing the right option for you is one of the most important decisions you will make as you plan your career. The right business degree will make it possible for you to find exciting, rewarding positions in your chosen industry and can provide a great return on your investment. Some popular business topics to choose from when applying to university include:

Business Administration

Business administration can be studied at all levels from foundation and bachelor’s degrees in this topic to more advanced and prestigious qualifications such as the MBA or a DBA, like this online DBA from Aston University. Studying this topic provides you with a deeper understanding of how a business operates, along with helping you develop the skills that you can use to make better future business decisions, strategies, and more. 


If you’re interested in the idea of starting your own business and being your own boss in the future, you might benefit from a degree program that is focused on entrepreneurship. While starting your own business does not have any formal educational requirements, getting a degree that focuses on the knowledge and skills that you need to succeed at being your own boss can certainly be helpful. This course teaches you more about the specifics of running your own business and helps equip you with knowledge that may enable you to overcome common roadblocks and obstacles. You will also find studying this type of degree course useful for building your professional network and making new contacts that could be beneficial to your business in the future. 


Management could be an ideal topic to study whether you want to run your own business at some point or have a main career goal of moving up the career ladder in your current or future place of work. You can study business management at the bachelor’s level or get a management master’s degree to build on your current skills and knowledge and help you become a better boss in time. Management is a degree topic that allows you to learn much more about being a manager beforehand, along with giving you the chance to fine-tune your management and leadership skills, ultimately making a better impact in the future whether you are working in a management position or running your own company. 

Human Resources

HR is an essential department for any business today, and outsourced HR companies are a popular choice for small to medium businesses who might otherwise find hiring in-house staff unaffordable. A degree in human resources or human resources management can be an ideal choice if this is the aspect of business that you want to focus your future career on. Once you have a degree in HR, you’ll be better prepared for selecting and recruiting the best talent either for a company that you’re working for or your own business. An HR degree program also covers a range of further important topics including employee onboarding and training, compliance and employment law, payroll, assessment, and planning of the workforce needs, interviewing, employee complaints and grievances, employee benefits, and more. 


Marketing is an interesting topic to consider studying that has become more and more important for modern businesses to survive. If you are looking for a degree program that is business-related and will help you get into a wide range of career options or give you an advantage when running your own business in the future, studying marketing could be an ideal option for you. Getting a marketing degree gives you the opportunity to learn more about how to determine and attract the right audience for a business, strategies for putting together good marketing campaigns, and how marketing is financed. While this is a more creative degree program choice compared to other business-related subjects, you will also be spending a lot of time learning about how data impacts marketing decisions and how it can be used to learn more about customers. You’ll learn how to research consumer behavior using various trends and patterns to plan marketing campaigns that are likely to have the biggest impact, along with opportunities to come up with new, innovative ideas to help a business get noticed by consumers and improve engagement with their target audience. 


A finance degree is ideal for anybody who wants to learn about the basics of accounting combined with project management, business principles, and economics. Today, the majority of degree programs in finance are a flexible option that give you the chance to choose from a range of different modules to put together a degree program that is tailored for what you will need for your future goals. A finance degree can help you with running your own business or lead to a range of lucrative opportunities for working in business including a career as a financial planner or financial analyst. 


If the numbers side of things is appealing to you when it comes to business, an accounting degree can be a great route to several opportunities. All businesses need good accountants to ensure that the financial side of things is running smoothly, taxes are paid on time, and everything is compliant with various rules and regulations. With a degree in accounting, you will learn valuable skills such as how to prepare financial documents and how to manage all the financial aspects of any business. This degree can lead to various career opportunities or the chance to start your own accounting firm. 

No matter what kind of business career you want for the future, there will be a suitable degree program that you can use to reach your goals. 

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