Top Tips for Hassle-Free Business Trips

Traveling for business is a lot more convenient these days. You no longer have to spend hours on the road just to meet a client or two, and can instead go to several cities in one day by air. There are apps and other resources to help make business trips more manageable too.
The more you travel, the better you are at it. Of course, you don’t have to travel for years to be able to handle business trips like a true professional. The top tips and tricks we are about to discuss in this article will help you master the art of traveling for business in no time.

Get the Rewards

There are a lot of reward programs run by airlines and hotel chains, and they are all worth getting when you travel a lot. Airline reward programs can lead to free upgrades and many other conveniences that make traveling for business more enjoyable. Try sticking with one airline so you can collect more mileage points faster.

Some credit cards and other services will also let you double your mileage or reward points in some cases. Booking a hotel through a particular website or using a travel-centric credit card for flights and accommodations are also worth doing, since you can get to that Platinum status faster. The sooner you get there, the sooner you can enjoy bonuses and rewards.

Have Contingencies

As a seasoned traveler, knowing how to deal with travel emergencies is a necessary skill to have. The more you travel, the more problems you will come across too, which means the more you will rely on your knowledge and skills when trying to overcome them.

When your flight gets delayed, you need to be able to deal with rearranging your connecting flights and reconfirming your airport pickup. Knowing about flight delay compensation and how to file the claim is also handy. You now have AirHelp to simplify the whole process of getting flight delay compensation.

Use Airport Lounges

Another great thing about traveling today is that you have lounges and other facilities to help you stay comfortable. Do you need to take a shower or change before the next flight? There are airport lounges that offer that. Want to grab a cup of coffee or some snacks while waiting? Airport lounges are perfect too.

Your loyalty cards and select credit cards can get you into the best airport lounges for free. Flying business or first class also lets you access VIP lounges with more facilities. You will have Wi-Fi and comfortable seating too, which means you can get some work done while waiting for the next flight to start boarding.

Master Smart Packing

Depending on how and where you travel, you either have one daypack or several pieces of luggage to carry around. Either way, you can remain comfortable and always have access to the items you need the most by packing smartly.

Learning more about how to pack like a pro is also highly rewarding. You can go from a big piece of luggage to a smaller, easier-to-carry one when you know how to pack your items efficiently. You will also be better at knowing what to pack and the items you can leave behind.

Get Pre-Screened

Airports are among the most secure places in the world, but that comes with a price. You have to go through security screenings and checks before you can actually reach the check-in counter. There are more things to do after that, including checking your bags in if needed.

To save a lot of time, get yourself pre-screened and skip checking your bags in entirely whenever possible. Stick to a compact carry-on or a backpack and sign up to be a member of TSA Pre-check. You’ll be amazed by how much time you can actually save when you don’t have to queue for security checks.

Dress for the Trip

Dressing for the trip lets you save on the number of clothes you have to bring with you. Ideally, you want to stay comfortable during the flight, and then change to a more formal attire for meetings and other activities. This, however, means you have to bring your formal clothing in your bag.

There is another way to get around having to bring more clothes, and that is by finding the right balance between staying comfortable and dressing for formal meetings. You can mix and match different fashion pieces to reduce the number of pieces you have to carry; finding a comfortable pair of shoes and pants that still look formal is a good start.

Pack Plenty of Entertainment

Keeping yourself entertained during flights and while waiting is how you make business trips, especially long ones, all the more enjoyable. You can add some movies and TV series to your iPad or bring your Kindle with books you’ve been wanting to read in it in order to stay entertained.

Business trips don’t always have to be boring or difficult. Now that you have these pro tips to use, your next series of business trips can be both manageable and highly enjoyable. Travel like a pro and enjoy your hassle-free business trips!

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