Trump’s PAC Takes a Chapter from Bernie Sanders

By Get Our Jobs Back Inc., Special for   USDR

Trump Super PAC CEO Steven Hoffenberg of Get Our Jobs Back Inc. ( is pleased to announce details regarding Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump’spolicy that will wipe out the entire $43 million student loan debt in the United States of  America.

“Past and future college loans will be free in the USA under the Trump proposed student loan reduction and elimination plan,” stated Trump Super PAC CEO Steven  Hoffenberg.

With over 19 trillion dollars in debt, the United States government no longer has the budget to fund the college loan student debt.  Under the Trump educational policy plan, that debt will transfer to private  charity.

Steven Hoffenberg provides the use of the proceeds’ terms as to how the new private student college loan debt charity fund operates. Transfer of the USA Student College Loan Debt moves to the private charity fund takeover for all fundraising &  payments.

All future and past college student loan debt is to be paid out by the new private charity student college loan debt fund.  This plan will help wipe out all of the college loans – past and future debt – with this all new private charity  fund.

SOURCE Get Our Jobs Back  Inc.

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