Types of TV Aerial Satellite Amplifiers

There are lots of amplifiers available in the market. Some of them are for satellites, some of them for tv aerials and some of them for both i.e. tv aerials and satellites. This is actually tricky to choose the best TV aerial amplifier especially when you use a communal TV system, how to choose? Visit tvaerialinstaller.co.uk. In this article we will discuss major types of TV aerial amplifiers.


TV Aerial Amplifiers

All the TV aerial amplifiers are intended to be used for the TV aerial system and are perfect for the premium services like FreeviewPlay, BT vision, FreeView and some amplifiers are also used for boosting up the signals that are associated with the cable length and divided in the different positions.


Distribution Amplifiers

The most popular type of the tv aerial satellite is distribution amplifiers. This main power amplifier comes with the one or more aerial satellite (depends on the price) and the multiple aerial outputs. This means you can use the multiple TV with the distribution amplifier. For setting up the distribution amplifier you may consult with https://tv-aerials-uk.co.uk/. The outputs of the distribution amplifier can be 2 ways, 4 ways, 6 ways, 8 ways, 12 ways and 16 ways. The 2 ways mean you can use the two TVs with the amplifier. And so on.


Set Back Amplifier

The other popular type of the aerial amplifier is set back amplifier. It also comes with the main power and the input/output aerial ports. There is the electrical plug that you can use with the direct electric socket. This amplifier is usually used for the TV aerials because it is cheap and less expensive. Usually it is directly installed behind the TV sets and can boost the signals to maximum. The disadvantage of the set back amplifier is it consumes too much energy.

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