By Bill Tatro, Special for USDR

If I understood the President correctly the 4.4 million immigrants who just got their “get out of jail card” are no longer considered illegal. They are simply called the UNDOCUMENTED.

The President, as usual, referenced a young woman who had been in the US illegally, I mean UNDOCUMENTED, since she was 4 years old. Apparently Mom and Dad were also illegal oops, UNDOCUMENTED. She is now a college student working on her 3rd degree. A very admirable story. She beat the system and now can come out of the shadows. She will not be able to vote, for now, nor will she be able to have access to Obamacare, for now, but there is always the ER. Time and the realization of who she will vote for will change all that.

The debate will rage. The Republicans will react like always but the simple fact remains: if you have money enough, certain skills, or are a significant voting block, you too can go from illegal to UNDOCUMENTED.

Over the past decade we have watched bankers commit illegal action after illegal action only to be given a slap on the wrist and the usual fine.

Risk Departments have been created to determine if the dollar return, the reward, is greater than the government fine, the risk. Always assuming, no CEO will ever go to jail the bankers have learned that crime pays.

Perhaps we should reclassify these banking actions as no longer illegal but simply UNDOCUMENTED.

The bankers are joined by athletes who punch women, abuse children, and break substance abuse rules. Their status and skills over time created a separate category for them which allows illegality to be excused. Although there is the usual video we may consider it all just UNDOCUMENTED.

Each situation from bankers and althletes to immigration is different and deserves not to be co-mingled, however, we are moving in a dangerous direction where illegality is dismissed since the benefits to others is simply too dramatic.

The bankers actions support their stock and the top 1%. The athletes perform for the owners. The immigrants, all 4.4 and the 6.6 waiting to get their out of jail card, will support the Democrats.

All in all the benefits for a few dictate what once was illegal is now just


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