Unwilling to Cede America to the Liberals

by Candace Salima, US Daily Review Senior Contributor

Unwilling to cede America to the liberals, Stand4UT is a new grassroots group working to develop training and tools that will take the conservative movement to a whole new level.

The nonprofit is the first of its kind and unique in the consulting and tools they offer, with the ultimate goal of having a STAND4 in every state and a STAND4AMERICA already being formed.

Stand4UT is centered around uniting, educating and empowering the grassroots and conservative candidates around the nation.

How often we have heard, “My voice doesn’t count; my vote doesn’t matter?” Far too often for the peace of mind of any red-blooded American. But the training and tools Stand4UT provides give that voice back and makes that vote count.

Organizers are using a unique twist on the technology used by the Obama campaign that soundly defeated Mitt Romney. Imagine receiving a text from your elected official asking for your opinion on pending legislation. Within seconds hundreds of thousands could respond, giving that legislator the ability to testify with the power of multiple thousands of constituents standing behind him, or her, figuratively speaking.

New candidates often tell us they don’t know what to do to make a difference. Fortunately Stand4UT has the answer with a complete set of trainings for candidates, staff and volunteers. The brainpower behind Stand4UT is strong: Debbie Besselievre, Amelia Powers, Candace Salima, Joe Fitisemanu and Mike Brown round out the Stand4UT board that governs the nonprofit. With a number of political campaigns behind them, they joined their skills, experiences and talents together, along with their committees, to create an unbeatable team.

“We are reaching out to conservative grassroots all across America,” Besselievre, the chairwoman of Stand4UT, said. “We invite them to join us, not to be melded into our organization, but to become empowered by it. We teach them to find, vet and train candidates. We teach them how to speak to their legislators, follow bills and to even write a bill. We teach them to communicate effectively, and we get them the tools and means to raise money to truly put some legs under their organization. In addition we teach them how to hold a legislative summit and make it effective. It’s about uniting over what we agree on rather than dividing over what we don’t.”

Stand4UT works with a number of legislators through the connections the board has developed over the years. It is their goal to restore the balance of the governmental branches — legislative, executive and judicial — through empowering the American people. In addition, they want to strengthen the state legislatures and teach them to govern with strong, conservative principles that will restore prosperity to America.

We’ll hold a series of trainings, summits, conventions and town halls to help people understand how our nation is governed as opposed to how it should be governed. The very foundation of America was built upon “We the People,” and they were given the strongest voice by the founding generation. Stand4UT intends to restore that voice through the many services we offer.

Stand4UT’s website details all the aspects our group has to offer. Indeed, we do more than consult or sell a texting tool. The team is dedicated to the restoration of America and is choosing to do so by educating and empowering her citizens.

We are also looking for sister organizations in every state and will help those organizations form into their own STAND4 and to unite their own grassroots. Interestingly, each organization remains autonomous but with access to the brain trust that is Stand4UT and all the tools, training and support they offer. We teach them how to raise money so they can become a motivating and powerful voice in their own states.

Stand4UT’s purpose is to give that voice back to the American people. We have 18 months to see if they will be successful.

For information, visit Stand4UT.com or text Stand4UT to 33733 to become a part of the movement.

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Candace Salima is an author, columnist, and public speaker. She makes her home in the Rocky Mountains. Learn more about her at www.CandaceSalima.com. Follow her on TwitterPinterestLinkedIn or Facebook. This article was originally published in the Daily Herald of Provo, UT.

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