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Editor’s note: The name was acquired by Kevin Price’s media company in 2007, so its recent launch in the past few weeks was the results of work over a few years.  A little more about that story was recently reported in the national dBusinessNews website:

For over a year radio host, syndicated columnist, and author Kevin Price has been working on a new website called the US Daily Review ( The purpose of the site is to be a place for original content and to provide a place to look at national news with, as Price said, an “outside o the Beltway of DC perspective and one that doesn’t act as though Wall Street is the center of the universe.”

The site will be dedicated to quality writing above all else and ideology will not be a primary driver. The site will be “full of opinion,” said Price, “but it will be fairly eclectic.” Kevin Price is known as a… (read more)

All opinions expressed on USDR are those of the author and not necessarily those of US Daily Review.

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