USDR Newsstand: What We are Reading

By Kelly Leung, Associate  Editor,  USDR.

Our periodical feature of what our editors, contributors, and readers are  recommending.

Scientology could get its own Senator– The extremely controversial religion, Scientology, could potentially have a Republican Senator in the U.S. Senate.  Source:

8 charts that explain the first Democratic debate– The Democratic debate last Tuesday was between five Democratic presidential candidates. However, statistics and charts show that the debate was really a Clinton vs Sanders show. Source:

The war in Afghanistan by the numbers– This article uses charts to track the amount of American soldiers sent to Afghanistan. It also looks like President Obama’s goal to end the war by the time his Presidency is over may fall through.  Source:

Should 11-year-olds be charged with adult crimes?– Charging juveniles as adults is a touchy topic. But in the case of murder, is it justified?  Source:

Europe’s love affair with diesel cars has been a disaster– The current trend in automobiles shows that diesel is the preferred type of car in Europe and has been for the past few decades. Now Europe’s public health is in critical danger.  Source:

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