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US Daily Review Senior Editors, Corie Whalen and Steve Parkhurst, tweeted their respective analyses of Wednesday night’s Republican debate. We decided that instead of providing USDR readers with a rundown, we’d share with you our live coverage from both our personal Twitter accounts, and USDR’s – including who we retweeted. Our additional commentary is italicized.

@CorieWhalen: I really wish Gary Johnson was given the respect he’s due and was present in this debate. Many of his ideas as one of the most fiscally conservative governors with a wonderful record would be so welcome.

@SteveParkurst: I’ve been to the Reagan Library several times now, it’s a tremendous place. #ReaganDebate

@USDailyReview: Great line by Newt “I’d don’t care for you guys trying to get Republicans fighting each other.” #ReaganDebate (An appropriate sentiment in tribute to Reagan, no?)

@SteveParkhurst: Bachmann: Gasoline was $1.79 when Obama took office #ReaganDebate

@CorieWhalen: Ron Paul’s attempts to attack Perry for going against Reagan are smart in terms of pure politics. BUT, Paul’s record doesn’t back up his rhetoric on this. And I say this as someone who likes him. (In reference to Paul’s latest ad, which was brought up at the debate. Read more about this in Corie’s USDR piece “Battle of the Texans“).

@SteveParkhurst: Ron Paul’s tactic of attacking the front-runner, Perry, is right on, but he’s a bad source to be trying this.

@SteveParkhurst: RT @kirstenpowers10: I wonder if Brian Williams has ever asked Nancy Pelosi how she can support abortion rights and be Catholic?

@USDailyReview: RT: @SECupp: Perry doubles down on his SS “ponzi scheme” comments. (This was based on Brian Williams questioning Perrry about his stance on Social Security in his book “Fed Up”.)

@CorieWhalen: Credit to Perry for standing strong on his Social Security stance. You can tell Romney was playing to moderates in response.

@SteveParkhurst: Wait, Huntsman is still running for President. Who knew? #ReaganDebate

@USDailyReview: RT: @MPOTheHill: Perry on SS: Rather than spend time talking about founding “the fact is we have to be focused on how we’re going to change this program.”

@USDailyReview: MSNBC headline: Perry and Romney lock horns at GOP debate. Ha. Slow down guys. #ReaganDebate

@CorieWhalen: Huntsman performing better than normal tonight .. but ugh … that yellow tie! (Corie commented extensively on the suit choices of the debate participants. Huntsman’s yellow tie was particularly offensive looking on him, Santorum trying to match salmon, powder blue, and gray was absolutely disturbing, and Perry ultimately looked the sharpest. Pinstripe suit and striped purple tie!)

@SteveParkhurst: RT @jstrevino: Gosh, Mitt actually extending an understanding hand to Perry. Fellow executives, I guess.

@CorieWhalen: It’s true that Perry’s executive order wasn’t the way to go about dealing with the HPV issue. Also, no one is “pro-cancer”.

@USDailyReview: Romney with a great answer in response to the Perry HPV issue. #ReaganDebate (Romney was the most forgiving of all the other candidates on stage regarding Perry’s controversial HPV shot executive order, which was overturned by the TX legislature. Romney did, however, suggest that Perry should have made it an opt in rather than opt out situation. Somewhat interesting, consider Romney’s “RomneyCare” health care mandate).

@SteveParkhurst: RT @EdMorrisey: Perry, Romney, Huntsman doing the best tonight. Newt winning the battle against the moderators. Bachmann not making a case for top-tier.

@USDailyReview: How about Newt jumping in there and bringing the debate back to national security? #ReaganDebate (While national security was broached, unsurprisingly, the overwhelming topics were economic. And of course, there was the typical pitting the candidates against each other and calling them out for certain positions. Political theater at its best).

@USDailyReview: RT: @skigarmisch: FYI RT @PerryTruthTeam: Rick Perry never endorsed HillaryCare, sent letter for rural Texans #reagandebate

@USDailyReview: Are we forgetting Huntsman and Cain are in this debate? #ReaganDebate (As is typical in these debates, candidates that the media often perceives as being less meaningful are not given equal time).

@SteveParkhurst: RT @rickdunham: The reporters asking @GovernorPerry these consistently tough questions must have gotten the DNC talking points for #ReaganDebate.

@USDailyReview: MT @MelissaTweets:Please, Perry note that our state has illegal immigrants flooding system +STILL we’re improving education. (In reference to Texas).

@CorieWhalen: Immigration isn’t an issue I feel strongly about, but I have a hard time thinking Perry is hardcore on it. Throwing red meat to the base on this matter won’t be his strong point given his record.

@USDailyReview: RT @EdMorrisey: Is Bachmann confusing legal immigration with naturalized citizenship?

@CorieWhalen: Wow. Ron Paul on immigration. That was bad. Sometimes he sounds brilliant, other times, he just loses it. A border fence to keep people in? Sigh. Wrong thing to say, Ron.

@SteveParkhurst: You’d think Ron Paul the “get off my lawn” candidate would be better on the border questions. #ReaganDebate

@CorieWhalen: Love Ron Paul saying the TSA sexually assaults Americans. Right on. And Herman Cain gave him props on that one.

@USDailyReview: RT @ArletteSaenz: Perry calls execution the “ultimate justice” – good to note the next execution in Texas is scheduled for Sept. 15.

@CorieWhalen: I completely disagree with Perry on death penalty stance, but I commend him for giving a strong answer. I just don’t agree with the government killing people. Don’t trust it enough.

@CorieWhalen: See, and here’s Ron sounding brilliant again. Fantastic answer on Johnson and how to deal with welfare. Just because it’s not on the federal level doesn’t mean we don’t have compassion. Perfect.

@SteveParkhurst: RT @ianessling: Nice job by Perry invoking the epic failure of Keynesian economics at the hands of Obama. #ReaganDebate

@CorieWhalen: I just don’t see why a candidate’s personal view on evolution is relevant. The fact that this question is constantly asked annoys me. Religious views are personal; not every conservative wants to legislate them. Some do; not all.

@SteveParkhurst: The main thing we learned tonight, the front-runners are the front-runners still. Perry and Romney down the stretch. #ReaganDebate

@CorieWhalen: Oh. Rachel Maddow. Just who I wanted to hear from about the Republican debate! (Or not).

@USDailyReview: RT @EdMorrisey: Perry didn’t do anything to dent his momentum. This will start settling into a binary race, and may not be much room for new entries.

@CorieWhalen: Umm, MSNBC panel post debate? Fail, fail, fail. Al Sharpton? Good god.  (Let’s be serious. Even liberals don’t take Al Sharpton seriously. Roger Ebert, outspoken liberal, tweeted several weeks ago that Sharpton has no business being on TV).


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