Voting Fraud in the U.S.

By Michelle Seiler-Tucker, Special for USDR

A very interesting video was published Monday by the Black Conservative Federation (BFC), which features the mayor of Opelousas, LA, Donald Cravins Sr., telling his supporters to vote twice. The footage was captured at a Democratic campaign the day before the 2014 mid-term elections. Mayor Cravins does not deny his statements, but has defended himself by saying that it was a joke and that audience’s laughter following his statements further supports that. It may have or it may have not been a joke, but it definitely was spoken in bad taste.

Voting fraud is (of course) illegal, but does it really happen here in the United States? I always associated such devious acts as a civics nightmare only other countries never seem capable of waking up to. Research suggests that voting fraud is difficult to do in the US. If a person votes early, their name is noted on the precinct registered and supplied to every polling place in the parish. The names of those who vote on Election Day are checked off on the same registers used on early voting dates. It greatly minimizes the potential mishaps made when there are too many papers floating about. Hypothetically, any attempt to vote twice would be caught immediately. And additionally, Louisiana is one state in the US that does have a voter ID law instated; which is designed to further prevent such a thing like voter fraud from ever happening.
However, it would not be a big surprise if voting fraud is and has been going on across the country—not just in Louisiana. Politicians these days are almost the exact opposite of those we’d traditionally identify with great leadership qualities. Leaders are supposed to inspire and empower the people who follow them. In today’s world I just do not see that happening very often. They love power more than they love the people they are supposed to be of service to. Government is supposed to be a service to the people, but more often the people must serve the government.

I have spent over 20 years in the business brokerage industry, working with clients to buy, sell or improve their businesses. I am not a civil service type, but I do know that a business person in a government official’s position would definitely be doing the people a better service. Good business people are results oriented. They make things happen and they do things in the best interest of sustaining the operational capabilities of the business they control. I am bored with the puppet show most politicians are putting on for the public. This video may end up being another sales tactic by the Republican Party, since its timing is just days before the mid-term election run off this weekend. It’s a brilliant marketing tactic too, I might add! Although that could end up being the case, I do want to add one last side note that Senator Elbert Guillory mentions in the video of which I was previously unaware of. Mayor Donald Cravins Sr. has a son, Don Cravins, Jr., who is Mary Landrieu’s Chief of Staff. What a small world, right? I have always questioned how in the world Mary Landrieu has been able to keep getting re-elected, since winning her first election for state representative at the very young age of 23 years old back in the onset of 1980’s decade. I never found her to be an effective government official or a good representation for the people of Louisiana.

In hindsight of the perpetual fails by the Democratic Party to continuously make situations even worse in Washington, the Black Conservative Federation has done the people a service by releasing this video. This video is powerful in that it will get people to discuss and to investigate things they had no idea they were unaware of or could possibly be uninformed about! The BCF has also sent the video and its transcript to the FBI, Louisiana Attorney General, as well as the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office, all of which are currently reviewing and looking further into. Personally, I am just looking forward to getting better people elected as officials who will actually work for the people and in our best interests. I will be one of the first people at the voting poll this weekend. There are very low percentages of the US population who actually vote, the numbers are even lower for mid-term elections. And so it is essential to vote this weekend —but not twice—that’s illegal!

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