Want to Make a Meeting Effective? Do These 5 Things

Everyone has sat through a meeting where next to nothing got done. There can be many reasons for this, and it’s hard to plan for everything that could happen. However, there are some steps that can be taken to make meetings more effective and to make sure everything gets done. Before scheduling a meeting, do the following.

  1. Create the Right Meeting Space

The right meeting space can have a huge impact on how effective the meeting is. Employees who are more comfortable will be more engaged since they won’t be focusing on their discomfort. If there isn’t room for a comfortable meeting space inside the office, look for a business meeting space that has plenty of room for everyone and has the right furniture to increase comfort levels during the meeting.

  1. Have a Plan

Make sure there is a plan for what will happen during the meeting. The plan can be as detailed or informal as desired as long as there is something written down. If things get off track at some point during the meeting, this list can help everyone get back on the same page so the meeting can continue to move forward. This helps prevent a meeting where nothing gets done because everyone gets stuck on a particular topic.

  1. Don’t Start Late

Always start the meeting on time. Request that employees are punctual unless there is an emergency and it can’t be avoided. Employees won’t want to waste time just sitting in the room waiting to start and will likely end up agitated and ready to rush through the meeting. When the meeting starts on time, everyone is more relaxed and ready to get started.

  1. End the Meeting on Time

Employees have a lot to do, so don’t make the meeting go on longer than expected. It’s always better to make sure the meeting ends on time, even if it means tabling some of the conversations for the next meeting. By ending on time, employees can fulfill other obligations for the day. Plus, they won’t dread the meetings as much because they know all meetings will end on time, not drag on longer than needed.

  1. Keep Written Notes

Have someone who can take notes of what’s discussed and what solutions are presented during the meetings. This written record should be filed somewhere as well as forwarded to the employees at the meeting. This keeps everyone on the same page and ensures there is a record of what was discussed. If there are any questions about the meeting down the road, it’s easy to access the file to determine what was said and what the decision was, if one was reached.

Meetings don’t have to be something employees dread, wasted time where nothing gets done, or an exercise in frustration. Instead, taking a few simple steps can make the meeting far more effective, so a lot more gets done, and employees are happier with the way the meeting transpired. Try out some or all of the things on this list to see what works well during your next meeting, and then keep it up. The employees will appreciate the work put into making the meetings more effective and you can be confident a lot more will get done.

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