Ways to Care for Parents with Dementia

Has any of your dear ones been diagnosed with dementia? Then it is high time that you spend much time with him/her as possible. With memory care facilities you can keep all your worries at bay as they will offer 24/7 assistance to the patient and help you have a relaxed and stress-free life. But before taking this big decision, there are certain points that you need to consider in order to choose the right and the best memory care facility near you.

Tips to Follow

These are some tried and tested tips that will help you in making an informed decision,

  • Activities- While looking for an assisted living facility, inquire about its memory care services. Does it follow a monthly schedule with regards to activities and events which will interest your dear one allowing them to socialize? Games such as bingo have proven to augment cognitive function in case of dementia. Card games and board games too can help in keeping the mind sharp.

  • Trained Staff- With regards to memory loss, selecting assisted living communities having friendly and trained staff is the key. The right memory care facility undoubtedly will possess employees who are engaged as well as sincere in working together for offering top-notch care to patients. While enquiring about retirement homes near you, inquire regarding the staff training and also how leadership team functions in ensuring that their employees are valued.

  • Outside Areas- To spend some quality time outside will prove beneficial for the patient’s health. To soak some vitamin D, breathe fresh air and enjoy the chirping of the birds will augment short-term memory. Try to find an assisted living facility having an attractive outdoor area where your loved one can take a walk and enjoy some coffee.


  • Open Communication- The moment a person begins to lose memory; his/her family is their biggest advocates. So, while looking for a memory care facility check their communication process. The level of communication between the staff and family can differ from case to case.

  • Suitable Location- Choose the facility which is near your house. Discover more about the neighborhood of the facility and what it offers and also know about the things that can be done in that area. Having an engaging and lively surrounding community will be highly appreciable both for the patient and the visitors.

  • Care Level- There are different levels of memory loss, and so it needs different care levels. So, ask the amount of assistance that the facility offers. There are some that give the resident independence and freedom that may prove sufficient for the initial stages. But the later stages in case of dementia need more care. So, select a facility which can offer your dear one adequate attention and help.


  • Simple Navigation- Study the community’s layout thoroughly to ensure that your dear one feels comfortable visiting the common places such as the lounge and the dining area.

Hope these tips can help you choose a good memory care facility for your dear one. Good Luck!

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