Website Design Tips: SEO Guide to Create Killer Website Content

Your website can turn out to be your best marketing tool if you do the right things. When creating a website, people either prioritize design over the content or vice versa, both of which are not the right strategies. Consult any website designing India company or abroad and they will tell you the importance of having a fine balance between the two. While the time and resources spent on aesthetics will help in making the initial impression, it’s the content that converts the visitors into actual customers. Create killer website content to engage those visitors. They should get a sense that they have reached the right destination that has a solution for all their needs. Here are a few tips to create killer website  content:

Provide Simple but Effective Navigation  Menu

Once a visitor lands on your webpage or website, it is the ease with which he or she can navigate that decides the future course. If they find it easy to navigate, find the information relevant to them easily and can move from one page to another without needing to go back to the home page, then it solves two purposes. Firstly, the probability of converting the traffic to leads increases and secondly which SEO in India looks for, get higher rankings in search engines. The interconnectivity within the website is not only good for visitors but also it gets quicker for the search engines to crawl through the site and this goes in your  favor.

Keep Homepage Layout Uncluttered

The homepage is the first point of interaction with your potential customers and hence it should make a good impression on them. Once they land at it, the content on the homepage should have all the relevant information in a clear, concise and crisp manner. There should be no clutter or too much irrelevant stuff there. This will motivate them to indulge further into your pages enhancing the possibility of conversion and fulfill the ultimate goal of SEO in India or wherever you are based  at.

Establish Your Relevance and Authority

These two factors are the most important in determining the rankings in search engines and thus any company for website designing – India or abroad focus a lot on it. The search algorithms measure relevance based on factors like how and where have you used the specific words in your content. Authority, on the other hand, is measured by the number and quality of links pointing to your page. Establish your authority by having trustworthy and reliable links and relevance by inserting the keywords genuinely in the quality  content.

Place Call to Action Intelligently

The entire exercise to create killer website content and have an aesthetically pleasing website will be of no use if you can’t convert the leads to sales. Your website content must have strategically and ideally placed call-to-action buttons or phrases that encourage a visitor to engage deeper. Having multiple calls to action on different pages is better as it increases the probability of visitors turning into interested prospects and eventually into customers. Care should also be taken to ensure that the visitors don’t feel submerged and overwhelmed under too many calls to action. If this happens, they will quickly abandon the site. The calls to action should be placed subtly and should not be overpowering or the visitors will feel that you are being forced to perform  something.

If you keep these few tips in mind, you will definitely succeed to create killer website content that will appeal to the people and the search engines  simultaneously.

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