Week of Dec 29 – Jan 4

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


The Government is wrong to attack Buy to Let

If there is a crash in property prices in the Greater London area, this will have a major impact on the banks and on the economy as a whole.


Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump should be in for a disappointing year

Let common sense triumph in 2016. Political lunacy has run for too long

This cruelly timed junior doctors’ strike could risk losing the public’s sympathy

Doctors risk losing trust at a time when public scepticism has grown in so many other areas. And patients risk losing lives, especially if threats to withdraw emergency cover for the first time are enacted

The BBC Today programme knows the price of nothing and the value of very little

Yesterday saw the end of the disastrous season of Guest editors. Let me contrast the two crucial interviews on Saturday’s programme.


Lord Mandelson and effective Opposition in the UK

Lord Mandelson was always keen to require iron discipline in New Labour when he was one of the small clique in charge. Today he is now an enthusiast for rebellion, urging modern Labour MPs to disagree with their Leader and to remain true to the  flexible pro European and pro military intervention stances  of Blairism. This sad volte face is not surprising.


When are Labour party ‘moderates’ going to do more than just moan?

Until these self-styled keepers of the flame recognise their own failings and accept that Jeremy Corbyn won, tensions in the party will be unresolved

Welcome 2016

You are here at last, and most welcome.


Independent bodies are often wrong, damaging and expensive

It is commonplace in the modern UK political world for the politicians to share the general view of them as unsuited to making important long term decisions. So often the UK establishment in alliance with the front benches of the two main parties agrees that a matter is “too important” for politics, should be taken out of politics, and given to some all wise and expensive independent quango.

Donald Trump, modern-day Marxist

Globalisation has divided rich countries economically. Trump speaks for those who have lost out.


Leaving the EU would be a disaster for Britain. Business needs to speak up

Industry leaders speak for a much bigger constituency than any politician or commentator


Prefer Cameron to Corbyn for Prime Minister? That doesn’t make you a Tory – it makes you normal

Would I replace Cameron with someone who seems like he’d genuinely struggle to take care of a single Scout troop and seems to have admiration for the leadership stylings of Enver Hoxha? Of course not

Generation hashtag rebels in Africa

2016 is set to be a year of elections in Africa. Hopes for more democracy are dim but young Africans are starting to kick against autocratic rulers, writes Claus Stäcker.

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