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The story of Osborne’s Chancellorship, as told by his Budgets

Last week’s Autumn Statement was part of the third act. Will there be a fourth?

PMQs: Nick Clegg delivers a perfect Cameroon performance

Nick Clegg’s performance at PMQs reminded me of Field Marshall Bosquet’s verdict on the charge of the Light Brigade, ‘c’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas la guerre’. After a week in which the Lib Dems have been busy trying to differentiate themselves from the Tories, Clegg turned up at PMQs and delivered an aggressive defence of everything that the government has done.

Has the improvement of secondary schools really “stalled”?

The bar is being set higher as to what counts as a “good” school.

The Tories and Lib Dems are staying together for the sake of the deficit

It’s not passionate or fiery, but the marriage of convenience between the Conservatives and Lib Dems still holds

The Farage revolution gets more absurd, yet the voters still back it

Ukip is embroiled in yet another scandal — but far from self-destructing, the party remains a threat to the Tories

Conservatives must champion our continued EU membership

Never have we been as successful at being ‘in’ when we want to be in; while being ‘out’ of ever-closer union.


Nigel Farage’s caution: why Ukip will always be Lidl, not Tesco

The Ukip leader’s ‘controversial’ comments about immigrants and breastfeeding aren’t mistakes, says James Kirkup. They’re part of a deliberate, but limited, strategy.

The five tribes of UKIP

Any party has its tribes – last year, Peter Franklin documented some of the once-powerful tribes that have been lost over the years, and in April he studied some of the ruling tribes today. The development of a range of philosophies, cliques and movements is a sign of a party that is both large enough and old enough to develop, sustain and people such tribes.

A tax cutting agenda

Throughout this Parliament I have argued the case of tax cuts for all. I have argued for tax cuts for most people so they pay less tax, as one of the best ways to help rising living standards. I have argued for tax rate cuts for the rich so they stay and pay more tax. So how have I got on?

The case against grammar schools

A summary – and the second of four articles on whether or not new selective schools should or shouldn’t be opened.

Daniel Hannan MEP: What I learned about The Hobbit from reading it to my children

Here is a book that, as much as any I can think of, needs to be read aloud. Tolkien, like many Catholics of his generation, understood the power of incantation.

Revealed: the cringeworthy horror of Ukip chat-up lines

The Roger Bird-Natasha Bolter saga continues. Text messages between the Ukip romantics have revealed by the Telegraph which paint Bolter in a less favourable than Bird. While the Ukip investigation is ongoing, Bird has told Guido that they demonstrate a ‘gradual development of the relationship and make it clear that there was no impropriety involved’.


Bring on the Clearasil Voters – they’ll knock spots off election apathy

My only complaint with Little Ed’s pledge-vow is that it doesn’t go far enough

The judgement of Santa (Part 3 of Christmas present?)

Santa was still getting over Ed and Dave’s performances. He sat down and weighed it all up. He had to think about staying popular himself. How he hated having to decide what presents to give the politicians, when they all made such a mess of being friendly to enough people. Why this year was there no clear winner with a majority of the vote in the polls?

If you want to see the gap between the House of Lords and reality for yourself, then just look at their champagne budget

While the rest of us face austerity, the Lords spends roughly £65,000 a year on champagne, and is refusing to drink anything cheaper

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