Week of Feb 14 – Feb 20

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Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


If Cameron doesn’t talk about greater powers for England, Labour will

Action over Scotland is certainly producing a reaction in England. It’s not what you’d call an ‘equal and opposite reaction’ yet, but it’s there

Why the Nicolas Sarkozy show ought to terrify David Cameron – and delight Ed Miliband

A Socialist victory by Francois Hollande in France would send shockwaves through austerity-hit Europe.

Prescott slams Sunday Times for ‘misrepresenting’ views on Miliband

John Prescott’s verbal stumble on Desert Island Discs portrayed as uncertainty over Ed Miliband’s leadership

Building a Conservative Majority (5)… English votes for English laws

There is a view among some Conservatives that Cameron plays into the hands of nationalists when he raises the possibility of further devolution.


University admissions reform is ‘direct assault’ on academic quality say Tories

The Coalition’s management of the university admissions system is a “direct assault” on the academic quality of higher education in Britain and could do lasting damage to the UK economy, Conservative MPs declare today.

Where does George Osborne stand on the three big tax debates in British politics?

Some interesting developments on tax policy this weekend. Three stand out.

Put British workers to top of recruitment list says Chris Grayling

Employers should give young British jobseekers priority over applicants from abroad, the employment minister has said.

Anger at work experience scheme missing the point

There has been a bit of a storm over the Government’s work experience scheme.  With the now traditional lack of perspective the Left have branded it “forced labour” and “21st Century slavery”, never knowingly understated!


PM backs Sarkozy in re-election bid

David Cameron has indicated that he backed Nicolas Sarkozy’s presidential re-election bid despite months of tense relations between the pair.

The Budget tug of war

What do different parties want from the Budget?


Jingoism is no answer to England’s ebbing power

From the EU to football and the Falklands, England must abandon its memories of empire to survive in a changing world

Hyde Park: not just a little local matter

Westminster council’s licensing committee is deciding today whether to impose restrictions on big open-air concerts in Hyde Park which would, effectively, prevent them happening at all.

Letter:  Losing faith (written to Labour leader Ed Miliband)

Dear Ed, I do wonder how often you receive letters from party members and whether they all start by saying how long they have been party members.


Penalty for paying off student loan early is lifted

Students will not be penalised for repaying university loans early after David Cameron scrapped a Liberal Democrat plan to raise more money from the middle classes.

Alex Salmond’s separation agenda challenged with a simple question: ‘Why?’

The Nats may jeer, but David Cameron gave easily the best case yet for the Union.


Cameron: Economic growth key to create new jobs (Video)

UK unemployment rose by 48,000 to 2.67 million in the three months to December, according to official figures.

Tory Party Heavyweights In Public Clash Over UK’s Green Agenda

Two Conservative Party grandees have had an astonishing public dust-up over the UK’s plans to invest in a green economy.

Sorry, David Cameron – the British love drinking, and love drinking lots

The Bullingdon Club was predicated on alcohol-fuelled destruction. Now Cameron wants to stop the yobs drinking


Threatened UK downgrade: beyond belief

Osborne’s ‘staying the course’ is like putting a steering lock on a car and driving across town – irrespective of the walls in the way

The health and social care bill: here is a way out of this mess

Drop the most contentious part of the health bill, the chapter on competition, and give the NHS the stability it needs

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