Week of Jan 17 – Jan 23

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Labour didn’t care who landed in Britain

The last government had lax immigration and a chaotic way of controlling foreign benefit claimants.

On morality Ed Miliband is way ahead of Cameron. Now for the economy

Miliband has done well to force Cameron to fight on Labour territory. But he needs to change the economic conversation

David Cameron is the only party leader who truly understands capitalism

The Prime Minister knows that the free-market system is hard-wired into our national DNA.


Green policies are costing Britons the earth

The ‘green agenda’ is pushing up the cost of living for lower earners, argues Ruth Porter.

The lottery of securing a primary school place

There is a growing crisis in our education system and many families with young children are feeling the effects. With rising birth rates and levels of migration, there is an urgent shortage of primary places across the capital.

‘Responsible capitalism’ is a cop out

While David Cameron and Ed Miliband continue to support relentless growth, the inequalities of the system will prosper


What David Hockney’s return tells us about the new mood in Britain

The country is once more ready to make confident judgments about truth and beauty

Falklands colonialism is coming from David Cameron, not Argentina

Cameron cannot respect the right to self-determination of the Falklanders while denying it to South American states


A mess over mansions

Nick Clegg’s proposed tax on expensive properties – strongly resisted by Conservatives in the Coalition – was thinly disguised bash-the-rich posturing.

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