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George Osborne’s taxing dilemma

Some of what David Smith, author of the essential Economic Outlook column in the Sunday Times, says today will be salve to George Osborne.

The plan was to start paying off the national debt by the end of this Parliament


Ed Miliband tries to turn his vices into virtues

Ed Miliband’s admirers are hailing his speech on Friday as an attempt to change how we think about leadership. It might have been that, but it was also a very political attempt to deal with the ‘Ed problem’, the fact that he trails David Cameron in the leadership stakes by a potentially fatal margin.

The public has been softened up to believe any old nonsense about the Labour leader

Are we on the verge of a new credit crunch?

No one will thank you for talking about it, but in the world’s QE-happy stock markets, indicators are flashing red


Forget Gromit. Listen to what Ed Miliband says on Gaza

As of today, we know a bit more about Ed Miliband. He has made a speech acknowledging that his image is poor but saying it doesn’t matter. It was a good speech, and Mr Miliband must have wrestled with his inner Gromit before making it.

The economy grows past its 2008 peak

But is it growing in the right way?

Image is the least of Ed’s worries

What were Labour thinking? Against the background of Ukraine and Gaza, the only domestic story likely to cut through is an economic one. The news today is dominated by David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg wallowing in the success of the British economy. So what did Ed Miliband do?

Mr Miliband may yet be Prime Minister. But in getting that far he needs to persuade us that his ideas are big, and work


Ed Miliband’s attack on political cynicism is the most cynical thing I’ve seen in years

Ed Miliband has just done a speech on leadership. Actually, it’s a speech about political cynicism. And when I say “about”, I think it’s meant to be an attack on political cynicism. But in fact it is one of the most breathtakingly cynical and hypocritical speeches I’ve ever seen delivered by a major British politician

Bravo, Fallon, for standing up to Salmond

Too many politicians fear offending the SNP leader – it’s refreshing to see someone put their foot down.

It’s a very dangerous path that the BBC Trust is going down


Why has Birmingham Council not been challenged more over the “Trojan Horse” scandal?

Assuming local authority “oversight” protects against Islamist extremism is misguided.


UKIP hasn’t gone away

Yesterday’s Lord Ashcroft poll casts light on its chances of winning Westminster seats – and on where Nigel Farage might stand.

The conservative truth at the heart of Osborne’s pension reforms

“It’s not my money, it’s your money, this is the money of people who have worked hard and saved hard.”

A warning about Putin, Ukraine and Litvinenko

The fact that so little has changed in the intervening years, despite all Russia has done, is depressing.


Paterson, Clarke, Green, Grieve and Fox: The frustrated five making post-reshuffle waves

A week on from the day of sackings, who’s rocking the Prime Minister’s boat?

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