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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


We need less focus on the Prime Minister and more on the whole Conservative team

The only way to put an end to something like the ‘school cuts’ campaign was to knock it back hard and repeatedly at the start before it gained traction.


A letter from a Corbynista

Jeremy Corbyn is inspiring, passionate and cares about the people he represents – unlike Theresa May

Why is no one talking now about the security of the West?

Also in Notes: Corbyn’s terrible consistency; Brexit and the Reichenbach Falls; bucket lists


Living to over 100 is going to transform our society. Whether for good or for ill is up to us

A debate is raging in the letters pages of the journal Nature about how long we can expect to live in future. Some scientists believe our maximum life expectancy has plateaued around 115 due to hard biological limits. But a new study from Canada suggests we have not yet reached such a limit and that there may not even be one.


Social media is ruining lives, as young people put their own at risk for a taste of viral fame

Social media “gives a voice to people who don’t deserve one” tweeted Devon MP Gary Streeter last night. Of course he’s wrong, but – ironically – social media does encourage some stupid behavior.

Market sentiment

Some Ministers and Conservative MPs are so spooked by Corbyn that they are in danger of losing their heads


Britain can prosper outside the EU – but self-belief does not involve being blind to our own faults

It has to be admitted that the combination of events over the last year has not made a good impression on the rest of the world.

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